Global Warming

How UK Businesses Are Gearing Up for Global Warming

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 5 years, you already know about the climate change we are currently experiencing and hotter summers can cause many businesses to face serious issues. The restaurant sector, for example, must change to HVAC climate control systems to provide the desired temperature and while we all enjoy these insanely hot summer days, the heat does bring with it many problems for businesses.

Cold Rooms

Ideal for large restaurant and hotel kitchens, walk-in cold room installation with Batchelor ensures that all produce is stored at the optimum temperature, with back-up systems for power outages. Even pubs are investing in cold room environments, albeit small, as the latest technology enables cost-effective climate control.

Customised Solutions

If you contact the right provider, you can enjoy a custom cold room build, with non-slip flooring and bespoke shelving, making it perfect for your needs. If you would like an expert to help you design the perfect walk-in cold room, Google is your best friend and can hook you up with an established UK supplier of bespoke cold rooms. Most suppliers also offer a full maintenance service, which is essential for obvious reasons; you can’t be without your cold room. Click here for cold room maintenance tips.

Air Conditioning

The climate change deniers are unusually quiet, which might have something to do with the extremely hot days that summer 2021 has seen. Pubs, clubs and restaurants have all made the investment in commercial a/c, as they know that a/c is rapidly becoming a necessity. HVAC systems have a big advantage as they are reversible; heating the space in the winter and cooling it in the summer, although many restaurant owners prefer to install the latest generation of commercial a/c units, which are very energy efficient. The alternative is to see bookings fall away, as people don’t fancy sweating while dining and with even hotter summers on the way, now is the time to make the investment for cost-effective climate control.

Colder Winters

Thanks to the gulf stream, the UK is likely to see colder winters, as well as warmer summers and this means upgrading old heating systems, or replacing them with cost-effective and reliable HVAC systems that can be designed to suit the premises. You certainly can’t afford your heating to break down in the winter and with regular maintenance, your heating and a/c will always be ready to work. On the topic of energy, here is some UK government information about their green energy policies, which is well worth a read. You can expect to see tighter government restrictions regarding energy use, so it is important that your business complies.

The UK government is heavily invested in climate change solutions and businesses can expect to receive concessions and even grants for switching to clean and renewable energy. If you have yet to find out how you stand regarding climate control assistance from the government, a Google search should see you on the right government website.

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