Quintrex Explorer

Quintrex Explorer Tinnies Prove Popular in Brisbane Bays

If you are interested in boating, then Brisbane Yamaha can fulfill your aquatic dream with Quintrex Explorer Tinnis boat models. Boating is a wonderful activity both in terms of fun and health. It will keep you stress-free with stored anxiety and stress. This is the reason why Quintrex Explorer Tinnies are gaining much popularity in Brisbane bays. If you feel inquisitive in exploring the ocean ride, then below are some of the boat models with their features. Have a glance over their features and then make up your mind about sitting on them and enjoying a wonderful day on the water.

Quintrex 250 Explorer

This Quintrex Explorer tinnie range boat is famously being considered the best freshwater angler. With affordable non-problem tinnie, it remains the best choice for a family. These latest boat models are spacious and akin to other Quintrex boat models range these boats offer a steady dry ride. The Quintrex 250 Explorer is no exception in being the mini car-topper for a family ride.

It is acquainted with forked bow structure, with wider chines made to provide steady at rest. You will love fishing on the freshwater creeks and estuary. The Quintrex 250 Explorer is the best among the Quintrex tinnie range. In short, all-rounder. Featured with top and bottom sheets, this boat model is the perfect joyride for your children on vacations.

This boat is acquainted with a room where placing and storing your gear is possible. It also has rowlock blocks, bench seats plus front deck and transom handles. The durability of Quintrex 250 Explorer opens the option to get painted. No doubt, it is indeed the ideal for exploring fishing stakes with family.

Quintrex 320 Explorer

Coming on to the next boating tinnie range model is Quintrex 320 Explorer. Like the above Quintrex Explorer tinnie model, this too comes up with a reputation to hold on to. The newbie range of its design makes it appealing. It weighs around 63 kg and has the utmost horsepower of around 720hp. This tinnie model is perfect for a holiday vacation.

So don’t miss the pack of rods, it will be featured in all your pictures of fishing in the freshwater creeks and exploring estuaries on ocean touring. It is also designed with a forked bow. It is the newest Quintrex Explorer range boat model facilitated with spacious room, no difficulty in handling, and of course, providing a robust dry ride.

Like the Quintrex Tinnie model, Quintrex 250 Explorer, Quintrex 350 Explorer is also not behind in being equipped with the no-fuss fishing rig. This fantastic tinnie measures up to 3.25m having a beam of 1.32m along with top and bottom sides that can carry at least 2 individuals. It is acquainted with transom handles, front deck, rowlock blocks, and sturdy corners.

You can have this as an option for extended days on a water voyage. And please do not make your whole aquatic day spoilsport without a camera. Do carry it, and capture all the special moments with your dear ones.

So go ahead, and make the best of the opportunity in exploring Quintrex Explorer tinnies in Brisbane, Australia. Follow the official website of Brisbane Yamaha to enquire anything about the boating ride.

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