What is Aruba certification and how to become Aruba certified?

Aruba certification is a designation that demonstrates that an individual knows what a basic computer network is, compares wide area and local network, and is skilled in the field of wireless LAN and wired LAN technology.

Certification requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree in the area of telecommunication, computer science, or related field is essential if you want to apply for Aruba certification.
  • The candidate should have six years of relevant experience and ACSP certification which is required for Aruba professionals.

How to become Aruba certified?

Apply for the exam

If you want to earn an Aruba certification and you pass all the requirements then your first step should be to register yourself for the exam.

Start preparation

Registering yourself for the certification is not enough, If you want to win this certification then you really have to start preparing for it. Go through the syllabus and know the different means by which you can cover it effectively. Understanding each domain is important because cramping will not help you at all. Having a good knowledge of the basics is important. If you want to learn more, click for more info regarding Aruba certification.


  • Introduction to wired networking
  • Switching, VLANS, loops, lags, and trunking
  • Network design and routing

Take practice exam

Once you have covered the syllabus for the exam, your next step should be to take Aruba practice dumps. These practice exams will help you know how much you are prepared for the exam and what kind of questions you can be asked. You will know in which domain you have complete expertise and where you are losing. So, you can cover that weekend portion before appearing in the final exam. In this way, you will get more confidence and you will perform well in the final exam.

Participate in online discussions

Another important way is to participate in online discussions. There are various groups available on social media platforms where people discuss various important points regarding IT certification. Seniors also share various tips for preparing well n the exam. By participating in these discussions, you will get to know the various important things that are essential for performing well in the exam. Also, you can ask different questions regarding Aruba free certification and can get their guidance.

Enjoy the process

Always try to enjoy the process of becoming Aruba certified because only then you can give your one hundred percent. Leaning is effective when you enjoy it. It is only possible to absorb the information and link it to previous knowledge if you find interest in it. So, study only when you find it interesting. If you are taking interest then take a break and do whatever you want to do.

Don’t panic

Appear for the exam only when you feel confident. If you think that you are not prepared enough to take this exam then you should prepare first and then appear in the exam. When you appear in the exam, you should be confident about your preparation. Various people get panic when they see the exam and that’s why they cannot perform well. So, whenever you take this exam, make yourself confident that you will definitely win it.

Aruba professional’s salary

This IT certification holds an important place in the IT industry. Those that have this certification earn more than others who don’t have this certification. The average yearly salary according to Paysa is approximately $155100.


Now, you know what is Aruba certification and how much beneficial it can be in advancing your career. If you fulfill all the requirements essential for this certification then you should go ahead and apply for this certification. After winning this certification, you can earn more than average because the demand for such professionals is increasing in the IT industry.

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