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Private investigator Melbourne — Important steps to take if you’re a victim of cybercrime

Important steps to take if you’re a victim of cybercrime

Yes, the world is progressing! From giving up 4G and embracing 5G, getting smartphones with three plus cameras and even social media channels that have the power to track your entire social presence – we have it all at our fingertips now. But do you know along with all these, something else is progressing rapidly – and that is cybercrime. You thought you were smarter by giving up hard cash and keeping all your money on payment apps and banks? Well, the thieves became smarter by trying to steal them from these online platforms as well. And believe us, there has been around 45% rise in the cybercrime scenario recently which leads to many people just losing all their savings in a jiffy. Not just this, these cyber criminals interfere in your personal lives, and nothing can be private when you get online. Not even your chats with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Ø  What to do when you become a victim of cybercrime?

 When the cybercrime rate is so high, it is not surprising when you even become a victim to it. But there are certain steps that you should definitely take immediately once you find yourself bullied through this medium. This will save you from the current situation as much as possible and from dropping in the same well once again.

  • Disconnect and detach immediately— Most of the cybercrimes happen when your password is hacked, or somebody tries to use your softwares to steal your information. After you have faced such a situation, we would suggest you to immediately change your password and switch off your device. The thief won’t be able to access your account after the change of password. And secondly, if the computer or the mobile system software has been hacked, the moment you switch it off, it will get detached immediately.
  • Take legal action — Whether it is your hard-earned money or your private pictures that have been stolen from your account, you have to take legal action and inform the cyber police about the matter. They will try their best to track the source of the theft and help you as much as they can.
  •  Hire a private investigator — Sometimes, even the cyber police alone are unable to track down the sources of the crimes happening on the Internet. That is when a private investigator in Melbourne from Oracle Investigation Services definitely helps you a lot. As they have got training and excellent experience, they will help you track down all these criminal sources very easily.
  • Be cautious — After being a victim once, you are very much vulnerable to the next cyber-attack. You will have to take all the preventive methods and be very careful when you use the Internet. If you don’t have any antivirus software installed in your computer, do it immediately. For your passwords, change these (of every single social media channel and bank accounts along with your email IDs as well) so that the criminals don’t have any access to any of your accounts.

We know you’re going through a very hard phase wherein the damage that you faced was drastic and even tracking down the culprit isn’t easy. But you should try your best to get hold of that criminal and punish him/her for these actions. 

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