WoW TBC gold

Here are reasons to be in on the WoW TBC gold experience. 

Maybe you’re tired of WoW retail. Maybe you’ve played WoW Classic Vanilla and not sure if WoW Burning Crusade Classic is worth going into. Or maybe you’ve never touched World of Warcraft before. Whichever of these you may be, here are a few reasons to convince you why is WoW TBC gold.

As Classic as It Gets

For those that have zero experience with World of Warcraft, the best time to join was back during the launch of WoW Classic Vanilla, and the second best is now. This is because despite being an expansion, the Burning Crusade is just as classic of an experience as, well, WoW Classic. While it definitely adds a lot of content, the same underlying mechanics still apply, and older content are still relevant to those grinding to reach the new level cap.

The bottom line is that it is still very much an old school World of Warcraft romp, and therefore worth trying and starting in instead of the already streamlined format of retail. It also does not help that it’s already changed so much and is no longer anything like it used to be. Sure, it gives newer players the opportunity to experience older content, but they have become fragmented, linked by mere canonical order rather than the passing of time. On top of that, they have become so far removed from their original feel that they are more like museum pieces at this point

Having said all that, it is better to jump into Classic while it’s still in the truly WoW TBC Classic gold age. It is arguable where the line is going to be drawn but Burning Crusade Classic is not going to be where it will be. Because if the original WoW Classic is Vanilla (pun intended), then Burning Crusade Classic is the chocolate syrup.

 The Familiar Grind

Because Burning Crusade is powered by the same mechanic, it follows suit that the things that made Classic Vanilla a worthwhile and faithful yet unique rerelease still apply in Burning Crusade Classic. The biggest of which is the leveling process. WoW Classic brought back the grind, with getting to level 60 taking almost a month.

A long time before getting to the cap is something that fell out of vogue with a lot of players for many reasons. First, as the game gained more and more content, and it became harder and harder to start from scratch, so they had to make the grind more player-friendly. Another is the ever-aging and lifestyle-changing player base, which grew up and had to focus on responsibilities.

Eventually, however, many long-time players appreciated Vanilla’s long grind for XP and WoW TBC Classic items, as it was like taking the scenic route to endgame, and that’s what Blizzard brought back. In fact, for a lot of players, it’s what they spent most of their time doing in Vanilla, and that is not a complaint. Some would even argue that it is the game. The same applies in Burning Crusade, whether it’s leveling from the beginning or simply pushing a character whose already at level 60 in WoW Classic Vanilla to the cap, or starting from level 1.

While Blizzard has given players the option to have the characters in their WoW TBC Classic Account boosted to 58 for a price, it’s recommended for players, especially new ones, to do things the old-fashioned way. After all, there’s no better way to be more familiar with the mechanics and the lore of the game than to play it yourself.

Perfect: Close but Not Quite

Last but definitely not the least would be the uniqueness of the Burning Crusade Classic experience. The aim of the Classic servers is to recreate the old-school WoW experience. At the same time, Blizzard knows and understands that it will not and should not be a 1:1 retread of previously released content, but a Classic experience with a bit of modern-day sensibilities.

Save for leveling and the lack of easy means of finding parties, which are understandable exceptions to preserve the feel of the game, the game has a few graphical and quality-of-life improvements. Of course, the devs did not sneak into the game the same glitches and bugs that plagued the first few days of WoW retail even though it’s very much par for the course.

On top of that, Burning Crusade Classic is going to have pre-nerfed versions of the dungeons and raids compared to when it was first released, as Blizzard has seen how good WoW Classic players are at raiding.

There should be little to not reason to join Burning Crusade Classic if you’re not into anything or all things World of Warcraft. So go ahead, step in front of the Dark Portal now.

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