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6 things we’ll do when we no longer have to hug with caution

The prospect of being able to hug whoever we please is an exciting one. As the pandemic draws to a close, and life returns to some semblance of normality, many of us are excited to make new memories – whether that be through travelling the world or simply going to the local park. Rapid testing, such as the Hughes Lateral Flow Test means that it is now safer than ever to start living your life to its fullest potential. Now is the time to start ticking things off your bucket list.

Read on for some ideas of things to do when restrictions are completely eased.

Take a day trip

Spending the day exploring somewhere completely new is an exciting way to start an adventure. Hop on a train and see where it takes you or plan a bus route and discover multiple places at once. This is a great way to make the most of your days off post-Covid, whilst seeing new places and widening your horizons. Take a day trip alone to wander at your own leisure and tailor your adventure to you.

Join a new group or society

The past year has made it far more difficult to meet new people. So why not join a new group or society? This an effective and fun way to meet friends who have similar interests, or to try something completely different with a new group of interesting people. There are lots of local clubs to join that can often be found on the internet, or in local newspaper events listings. Try it out and enjoy socialising once again.

Visit distant friends

Most of us have friends that have moved across the country, or sometimes abroad. As restrictions ease, and travelling becomes easier, visit distant friends and family to give them a warm hug in person. Whilst seeing loved ones, take the opportunity to explore a new place with them, or their local area. This is a great way to have an adventure and make the most of the easing of restrictions. Take a Healgen Antigen test to keep yourself and friends safe when travelling.

Go to a crowded bar

Purposefully going to crowded places may feel strange after the past year, but the excitement of a party atmosphere is like no other. Bring out your favourite dance moves with your friends and rub shoulders with strangers (once restrictions are completely eased). Nothing is stopping you from striking up a conversation with a new person in a bar. Go and meet new people and have fun doing it.

Host a dinner party

Good food is one of the best ways to bond with others. Whether you’re a fully-fledged chef or a novice, why not host a dinner party for friends and family. Try a new recipe or improvise – who knows what flavour sensation you may create! Play games for an extra fun night or simply catch up with old friends over good food. Dinner parties are also fantastic way to socialise with new people, so why not invite acquaintances over and get to know them better? You won’t regret it.

Start a bucket list

The nightmare of last year means that we should no longer take life for granted. Whether you already have a lengthy bucket list, or you’ve never even thought about making one, this year is the time to start working on it. Some of the most popular ideas include skydiving, seeing world landmarks or achieving a big goal. Cater your bucket list to your hobbies and interests and start making memories.

Plan and make your dream wedding a reality

When covid-19 pandemic is finally brought under control, it’ll be a perfect time to revive your wedding plans. For a year now, you have been waiting for the authorities to ease restrictions and allow weddings and other events to happen. You need to revive your wedding plans and get your committee ready. Plan for everything and remember to slightly adjust your wedding budget. Even if you don’t have enough money to sponsor a big wedding, you can work within your budget. You just need to have the right wedding committee or team, and you will make your wedding dream a reality.

Hold an anniversary for departed relatives

Covid-19 has led to many deaths, and you may have lost a relative to the deadly disease. You may have lost a relative as a result of any other cause, but you never gave them a decent send-off due to restrictions. You will have an opportunity to hold an anniversary and remember the good times you spent together. The anniversary will present a great opportunity to unite and spend time together as a family and friends.

Take your family out for a fun day

For almost a year, you have been spending time with your family in the house or compound. Having fun as a family has been limited. Once the restrictions are lifted, you will have an opportunity to take your family out for a fun day. Your kids will have a chance to enjoy bouncing castles, swimming at the pools, and enjoy other fun activities. You can also choose a venue where you can enjoy outdoor activities for adults. What’s more, let everybody take a meal of their choice, and at the end, you will all enjoy hanging out together after so long.

Go for a vacation

When all countries ease covid-19 restrictions such as travel bans, you will have an opportunity to travel to some of best destinations in the world for a vacation. It has been stressful, and you need some time to relax and unwind. Going for a holiday for a few days or weeks will do you and your family good. Although, it has been tough, you can spend your savings to treat yourself. Remember many people have died during this Covid-19 period, and left millions of dollars in their accounts. As such, it’s advisable to treat yourself with a vacation, regardless of what you’ll spend.

Go watch live matches in stadiums

Sports activities will be back to normal once Covid-19 restrictions will be lifted. As such, you can start going to stadiums to watch live matches. For instance, if you like football, you can now start thinking of going to the field and cheer your team. The same case applies to fans of cricket, basketball, volleyball, and other sporting activities. You will definitely enjoy sipping your beer as you cheer your favorite team.

Go back to the gym

Although you have been working out at home, you know how it feels to train at the gym. In most parts of the world, gym facilities were closed to stop the spread of Covid-19. Once the restrictions are lifted, the facilities will be open for all, and you will have a chance to keep training and interacting with people at the gym. You will be able to burn the excess calories, lose some weight, and improve your fitness.

Final Words

It has been tough, but everything will be back to normal as soon as covid-19 restrictions are completely eased. You will have an opportunity to go to a crowded bar or organize a dinner party just to have fun. You’ll also have a chance to continue with all plans you put on hold such as wedding, among others. Get ready in advance because soon all restrictions will be eased, and life will be back to normal.

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