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Auckland painters —8 things you should never paint

8 things you should never paint

You try to paint your travel bag with a paintbrush and roller — a perfect example of taking everything literally! Well, didn’t you hear that paint has the capacity to transform anything from dab to fab? But did you take it too literally?! Yes, we agree that what you heard about paint is correct, but it doesn’t just make sense to try this technique almost anywhere you can.

Ø  What shouldn’t you paint at all in your home?

Painting looks great on your walls and ceilings and even the exterior of the house. Just call the experts from Kowhai Painters in Auckland the painters who tend to do a fantastic job of beautifying your home with flawless painting. Their impressive work speaks of their incredible expertise and perfection. But don’t try to paint on these objects!

  1.   The bowls and dishes — Sometimes you find the ceramic bowls and dishes losing their charm and you tend to paint on them to cover up the imperfections. Well, it’s an absolutely bad idea! Even the most eco-friendly paint consists of chemicals which can be very harmful since you eat from that utensil.
  1.   The faucets and taps — Do you have that impulse to paint your faucets and taps? Don’t even try that! If you paint over these, firstly, the layer won’t stay firm. And secondly, even if it does temporarily, it easily comes out due to moisture being consistent over them.
  1.   Kitchen appliances — Sometimes you colour your old and worn-out oven or refrigerator to make it look new again or just to match your kitchen’s interiors. But remember, it’s an absolutely bad idea because the paint entering the wires or circuits of these appliances can lead to shocks and damages to them.
  1.   Pots and pans — If you try to transform your pots and pans by painting, then this will again bounce back on you. Well, paint coming in contact with fire is definitely a very bad idea with disastrous results.
  1.   Countertops — Countertops won’t want a layer of paint over them. Wondering why? Well, because the hot pans and items on it would make the paint get stuck on their base which won’t come out easily.
  1.   Tiles — Don’t ever try to paint your tiles at any cost. Not only are you trying to do something impossible, but it also gets erased off quickly leaving you just where you started.
  1.   Fabric furniture — Just who gave you the idea of colouring your fabric furniture with paint to make it look fabulous again? Well, it’s a super flop idea because fabric soaks paint immediately, and you can spend an eternity trying to colour these surfaces – but in vain.
  1.   Shower door frames — Shower doors are naturally very close to the showers. So, you can well imagine the exposure to water and moisture. This leaves absolutely no room for a long-lasting layer of paint over it.

Well, the moral of the story is —no matter what happens, don’t ever try to colour all these items in your house with paint. 

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