Cheapest And Best YouTube to MP3 Converter Websites

YouTube turns out to be the second largest search engine, after Google, with over 100 videos uploaded per minute every day. It is one of the best ways to communicate to a wider set of audience. YouTube helps you improve search engine optimization, market your brand effectively, and is mobile-friendly. You can also earn from YouTube by posting informative or entertaining videos with the potential of attracting a larger group of audience.

While there are so many merits to YouTube, one of the major drawbacks is that it doesn’t have any official feature yet to convert the videos to different formats and download them to your device. However, there are a lot of third-party YouTube to mp3 converter websites those serve the purpose. Let us look at some reliable and widely used YouTube to mp3 converter.

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MP3 Studio

The MP3 studio is not merely a YouTube to mp3 websites converter, rather it also acts as a video player where you can store, download, and play your favorite content. Its classic user interface and design make it stand out from the crowd. It downloads videos in high quality, up to resolution 8K. it can convert videos to mp3 and many other formats in few seconds. They also have a threat database to monitor any inbound threat activity constantly, thus ensuring data security.

Steps to convert and download videos from YouTube to mp3 using MP3 studio:

  1. Download MP3 studio using one of the below links
    1. Windows –
    2. Mac –
    3. Android –
  2. Install and launch the application.
  3. Open the software and navigate to MP3 studio YouTube downloader.
  4. Now open YouTube and browse for your video.
  5. In the software, enter the copied link in the textbox titled–Download
  6. Select a format and click on Convert.
  7. Click on Download to download the mp3 version of the video on your device.


This is yet another straightforward YouTube to mp3 websites converter. This is exclusively a YouTube to mp3 converter website, which also allows you to trim videos, add subtitles and animated texts, etc. Some of its features are:

  • Add video subtitle
  • Trim audio
  • Resize gif
  • Crop video
  • Podcast to video
  • Add text to videos

Steps to convert YouTube videos to mp3 using Motionbox:

  1. Open YouTube, play the video you want to convert to mp3.
  2. Click on the share button and copy the URL of the video.
  3. Now, navigate
  4. Select Try For free and sign up using your credentials.
  5. Paste the copied URL in the ‘Paste video Link’ textbox.
  6. Once you enter the link, it will start searching for the respective video from YouTube.
  7. It then converts it to mp3.


These YouTube to mp3 converter websites can be of great use especially when you’re stuck with a song from YouTube in your head and want the mp3 version of it to keep listening on the go. Once you get the mp3 version of the video and download it to your device, you wouldn’t require an active internet connection to later listen to it later, which is a huge plus.

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