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What to Keep In Mind When Looking For a Residential Development Site

If you are looking for a residential site to develop, it is important to find something that is profitable. You need to do your research thoroughly so that you do not end up wasting money. Many first-time developers may not afford to develop land in areas like capital cities as stuff is expensive here. This includes the land, building expenses, professional services, etc.

The following gives you some tips when looking for a development site:

Look at the location

The location of the development site is important. It is vital to be near to community amenities. Try and find something close to schools, shops, transport, medical facilities, etc.

Look at the neighbors on every side of the land. There must be no noisy businesses, for instance, present. This will make the place undesirable for tenants. You can ask locals about the crime rates.

Aspect matters

This refers to the direction that the land faces, i.e. north, south, east, plus west. Choose the place that has living areas that are close to facing the north direction as possible. This will help maximize natural light.

The aspect tends to be necessary for the energy rating of the development.

Check out the slope of the particular block. Some individuals may think that a dead flat block is wonderful for developing. It is necessary to however build up the site to handle drainage issues.

A good block may be one that slopes or even falls slightly to the street. This will help with natural stormwater runoff as well as drainage.

Those looking at some medium-density development will often find a wider frontage or width of a block better. This is because some of the widths get lost to a driveway to access rear dwellings.

Some councils possess a calculation concerning how wide a driveway has to be. This is based upon the number of dwellings.

Know about the land

You will need to find out what exactly is on top of the particular land. Check out the number of large trees that will have to be cleared. It can be costly to remove these. Asbestos sheds upon concrete slabs are also costly to remove and should be noticed if present, advises Michelle Doornbosch, a professional land use planner and developer. Doornbosch was a member of the Canadian Association of Planning Technicians. She received her degree in civil engineering technology from Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Technology. Since 2018, she has served as Partner and Principal Planner for Brock Development Inc. in London, Ontario. She has performed policy reviews for a number of clients including the City of London Official Plan Review, Rethink London.

It is important to even know what is present underneath the land. For example, in certain regional areas, check for any old mines. It is possible to build over some old mine, however, much money is used to properly under pier the project to get stability.

You can check out land development in the area you are in like housing developments in Adelaide. If you decide to get the help of professional service in finding a site for development make sure that they are reputable and honest. You do not want to end up having to pay for something that is not good. Do your research properly.

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