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4 Ways To Lively Up Your Indoor Surroundings

The lockdown forced us to stay at home for longer days than before which made us feel bored quickly. Boredom can lead to the idea of home renovation and may spark images of walls getting knocked down, professionals redecorating your whole kitchen, and other potential visualization that will discourage you from taking any steps to change the decoration of your home. Fortunately, changing the look of your home is simple with a few ideas and without spending much effort or money.

There are 4 ways to liven up the indoor surroundings that you can do right now.

1.  Plants and Flowers

Bring the outdoors in your home if you are not having the chance of going out because of the lockdown. Potted plants, floral bouquets, ferns, fake flowers, and any wall hangings of fauna are some of the ideas that can liven up your surroundings by giving them a naturalistic feel. Arrange your favorite plants and flowers around your home to ensure each space is full of color, freshness, and texture. Decorating doesn’t stop here though, you can use other materials like floral or botanical prints on your bed sheet and other furniture to connect further with nature.

2.  Creative Wall Art

Bare walls aren’t exciting, so you need to add wall frames or paintings to spice those walls up! The contrast between the wall color and the colors of the paintings will make your living space more attractive and inviting. You can hang photos of different sizes, paintings, or even decorative face masks to liven up the room without changing too much in it. If you are feeling adventurous, you can make an accent wall by painting a single wall with a different color. The result will leave you surprised by the difference in the look it gives to the room.

3.  Lights

Proper lighting can change how a place looks and feels. If you are opting for a cozy ambiance, warm lighting will help you achieve that mood. Bright lights on the other hand will make the room feel more lively, and according to interior designers at DHD Architecture & Interior Design, if you want to liven up your entertainment area, use table lamps, a dimmer, and yellow light to create an intriguing atmosphere. If you are not sure what kind of lights you should have, try experimenting with different colors and sources to achieve what you want.

4.  Cushions

Cushions work the same as wall art. You add a bit of color to the room by throwing a cushion on your favorite chair or couch. Additionally, you can play with patterns to spice up your surroundings. Besides livening your home up, cushions also provide more comfort and they are perfectly suitable for cuddling. Cushions break the routine in the color scheme of the room but keep in mind that their colors must match with the furniture or wall colors.

Livening up your indoor surroundings shouldn’t require radical changes. With a few simple changes, you can turn your living space from bland to something stimulating. Plants will give your living space a breath of fresh air and lively while wall hangings will break the routine and add eye candy. The lighting can transform the room completely if it’s done right. We hope this guide gave you ideas for your next small home renovations.

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