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myCred Vs. Gamipress – Comparison Between the Popular Gamification Plugins

It’s not a top-secret that Gamification can showcase your business way better and more attractive; that’s why many corporations and online platforms implement these technologies, especially WordPress and WooCommerce-based e-commerce stores.

Now, over the years, we have seen the development of gamification fundamentals. Part of the reason for that continuous development is comparatively because the level of technology is higher than expectations. We divide Gamification into three types and compare it with mycred and gamipress in functionalities and advanced features.

Type 1 and 2 are common, but type 3 is rarely used these days and is an excellent opportunity to grow businesses. The following is a description of each category:

1: Points & Levels (Classical Gamification Representation)

Relatively simple and straightforward, the concept is self-effacing: complete a task and earn points. For example, if you posted in the community, you will get a certain point. If you complete a review of a recent purchase, you will earn loyalty points. Finish the online lesson and unlock more classes.

These points can be utilized to create leaderboards. Actually, this is an updated list of users with the top points. This kind of social competition can become an incentive for other users.

People will find that they don’t get as many scores as high achievers so that they will be disheartened. To solve this problem, it is better to display leaderboards for parallel users. For example, you can show leaderboard for users who belong to the same race instead of all competition.

2: Badges and Rewards (Advanced Level Gamification)

Beyond the points, we will involve badges, and it’s the most frequent feature nowadays.

You may be familiar with this idea. You finished the assignments and earned points, but you can also earn badges and save them in the digital backpack.

These badges are more attractive and can be a good pictorial display of the work you have done. They are also more enjoyable than just numbers.

Reward system refers to everything that points and badges allow others to perform well and beat other members who have enough specific points or badges.

 For example, setting specific tasks to achieve new badges and unlocking a series of courses and bonus materials, including particular badges, news forums, online coaching, etc. They are another type of Gamification based on the possibility of reward. The competition element drives more users and visitors and increases user engagement.

3: Rewards Redemption (Points Conversion Into Real Money)

Points can be redeemed for discounts to reward your customers for shopping and other actions. Just set up the ratio of how many points a customer can earn for every dollar spent and how many points can be converted for a specific discount amount. Points can be granted by product, type, or global tier, and you can also switch the maximum discount offered when redeeming points. Depending on the conversion rate you set, you can receive points through purchases.

Customers can earn 2 points for every dollar spent. This conversion rate can be overruled at the type of product, so you can motivate your shoppers to spend money on specific items. You can see your earned points when you logged or during the checkout.

Through Gamipress, you can place a point withdrawal form in just a few minutes, and users will be able to base their conversion on a predefined conversion rate. In addition, the game press includes options to set different conversions for each type of reward or define each withdrawal limit amount.

myCred allows users to exchange myCred points for instant cash through Payment Gateway (cashCred). The powerful tools enable administrators to choose the “Automatic Withdrawal” or “Manual Withdrawal” option to withdraw the money earned through redeeming points.

Which is the best choice for Gamification?

  • myCred
  • GamiPress

Among them, only myCred can use currency and supports popular gamification plugins such as BuddyPress, WooCommerce, Jetpack, Contact Form 7, etc. it enables e-commerce users to perform activities like new comments, store purchases, etc. Anyone can easily configure these options through an admin login. myCred is actively providing store rewards systems , community leaderboards, or monetization of any website through content.

Key Features:

  • Point Balances
  • Multisite Support
  • Badges, Ranks, Coupons
  • Bootstrap Ready
  • BuddyPress Ready

GamiPress is the convenient option to gamify your WordPress site in minutes, allowing you to surprise your users with digital rewards for communication.

Proactive Features: 

  • Points Types
  • Rank Types
  • Social sharing

Gamification makes your website more interesting to use. Your users will be more inclined to come back to your website, post comments, make orders, etc., and get more rewards for it. GamiPress is a free and easy way to implement this strategy to increase brand loyalty and engagement.


Overall, GamiPress and myCred both are very powerful. Even if you insist on using free plugins, there are plenty of options available. If you’ve never been exposed to a higher-quality gamification system, then these two platforms will help you to increase traffic and revenue. Particularly myCred has an edge over GamiPress in terms of a comprehensive points management system.

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