5 Essential Tests a Woman Must go Through after 40.

Health standards start declining as a woman catches up on age. Weaknesses are witnessed in the case of the male gender as well, but the vulnerability in the case of females is more. As their reproductive cycles conclude, they enter the phase of menopause which results from bone weakening. If this is not treated correctly on time, it can lead to arthritis as well. Similarly, there are other health issues that females face, particularly when they cross 40. Timely testing and medication can minimize damage and increase life span.

Here are 5 essential tests that women must get done after the age of 40


The human heart can easily be rated as the most important and sensitive organ of the body. Its capability of supplying blood to the different sections can decrease if proper care is not taken. An ECG test can determine the condition in which the heart is in. If there are any abnormalities in the heartbeats, further enzyme tests are conducted to determine the problem’s course.

  • There is no need to fast for this test, but getting it done can prevent significant heart problems. ECG tests identify cardiac issues like blocked valves, vein damages, and lack of blood supply. These problems are quite expected since aging impacts heart performance. More importantly, it is essential to detect these problems on time to take place with no long-term complications.
  • In many cases, when ECG tests do not produce expected results, women must have them repeatedly. This usually happens when they must take medications for cardiac problems. According to recent statistics, more than 56 percent of women do not realize that they are heading towards heart problems on time. The problem is usually diagnosed when some sort of damage has taken place.

Blood Sugar

The human body has an individual ability to keep blood sugar levels under control. With the increase in age, this ability goes downside. Blood sugar must be kept under control as this can lead to diabetes. In addition to that, this can worsen and lead to gangrene. In such cases, some parts of the body start decaying and must be removed through surgeries.

  • Blood sugar tests require fasting for a minimum of 12 hours. This means that you cannot eat or drink anything before 12 hours of the test. The reason being that sugar levels may be distorted due to meals taken at the last hour.
  • Like most other tests, blood sugar tests are also carried out at regular intervals so that health standards can be appropriately monitored. If a regular track shows that sugar levels are on the higher side, medications are prescribed accordingly. In the case of a woman getting diabetic, she must take medicines for the rest of her life. In addition to that, she needs to avoid all sorts of meals with sugar content.

Liver Test

Although the liver test is recommended for all females above 40, it is necessary for women suffering from alcohol problems. Women with a drinking history usually do not have a healthy liver. Even if they quit the habit, the damage needs to be assessed to prescribe medical treatments.

  • Alcohol consumption affects core liver functions which result in body swelling. Females with liver issues mostly have body swelling issues mainly related to the face. However, this is not a mandatory symptom. Conducting a liver test gives the correct picture.
  • A lot of women suffer from hepatitis C during their late thirties and early forties. This is a deadly disease that can prove to be fatal. The problem is related to liver functioning. This is a chronic problem, and a lot of women end up with relapses. A liver test detects the exact health level. Worst-case situations can even lead to transplants which are life-threatening and extremely expensive.


Most medical experts say that high cholesterol and blood pressure go hand in hand, leading to heart issues. According to medical research, cholesterol levels mostly rise after the age of 40. One of the prime reasons is the eating habits that women follow during the younger ages.

  • When a woman is 25 or 30 years old, she would probably not figure out the impacts of eating junk food. An exact representation is witnessed when she touches the age of 40. This is when the body does not function with the same agility level. A cholesterol test shows the levels and the range that they fall in. Going beyond a specific limit is an alarming sign.
  • Stress is another factor that increases cholesterol. Women who go through unsuccessful marriages, family deaths, or any other issue have high cholesterol levels. Getting a test carried out on a timely basis reduces the risk of potential heart problems.

Eyesight test

Eyesight problems start popping up their heads once women catch up on age, and timely testing is essential. After 40, eyes usually get vulnerable to problems like glaucoma and cataract. These issues impact the ability to construct vision.

  • Retinal detachment is another major eye problem that women face when they go beyond forty. Although this problem is mostly witnessed with females that have high blood sugar levels, this is not a necessity by any means.

Other than the tests mentioned above, it is imperative for women to get their alcohol level checked. In case you find that alcohol is too much in your blood, you can always opt for alcohol treatment.

Summing it Up

The female human body undergoes a lot of changes during a life span. When a woman reaches the age of 40, the body weakens in an overall way, leading to health problems. To prevent these medical issues, relevant tests must be done, so that appropriate medication is taken. In addition to that, these tests are essential to determine the severity of each issue.

For instance, many people drinking alcohol figure out about liver damages when the problem has already worsened a lot. The reason being that they do not get the tests conducted even when there are apparent symptoms.

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