Event Invitation Emails

Event Invitation Emails: How to Create One that Rocks

Organizing an event is already quite a challenging process. Your image is in charge which means things have to go immaculately. This job requires a lot of side tasks to be tackled. One of them is to create an event invitation email that a) will not get lost among the gazillions others sent; b) will be clicked, opened, and read through; c) will provoke the desired action – event sign-up. Composing an invitation email requires the fine work of the marketing team. Every detail mentioned in the email will be crucial for the target audience in making the decision whether to attend, and therefore contribute their biggest assets: time and money. As you may see your event invitation email should do a thorough job to evoke a positive decision from those who came close to consider.

Four pillars of a great event invitation email

Pillars that will grow and maintain the interest of the audience are logistics ( time, date, duration), agenda ( what will be happening at the event), speakers ( special guests, celebrities), venue. When sending an email make sure that this information is included, otherwise a massive work spent on it will be good for nothing. Your audience bases their decisions exactly on this critical information. If it is not there the chances are very low that will decide to get deeper, completing the job that was not finished from your side.

Design elements

Your event invitation templates  have to be able to provide enough information (read key-information). It is also important that your email has to drive an action. Therefore choosing creative imagery, and rich media, in general, that adorns the content you have to think about your target audience and how it will be perceived by them best. Go for simple elements that nicely highlight the message. Do not forget about the branding part – your event invitation should still remind people of you, as an organizer and provider of amazing services and products besides this event. Think of a memorable logo that will announce the event, will be noticeable, and stays on the brand ( color palettes and color combinations). Videos are very welcome as well, especially the ones that feature the last event of that sort plus comments from the attendees.

Grammar-friendly content 

Your email should be personalized with a rather friendly tone that still lets the reader see your brand between the lines. Quite tricky but truly achievable. The amount of written text should be clear, concise, and hardly provoking any further questions. Make sure not to crowd with some extra irrelevant information that might confuse the readers and diverts from what you are offering. By the way, humorously delivered messages ( and humor is indeed relevant) warm up the reader to take action. Just mind this information, that might serve well for achieving the desired signing up for the event.  Proofreading is a must everywhere where the text is involved. Even though the invitation is not a long read it still should be grammatically and syntactically immaculate. People must not think of you as an illiterate organization. Poorly organized email may testify for your event to be organized the same way.

Triggering subject line 

The content may be totally discarded, even though perfectly composed. Any ideas, why? As it’s been mentioned before, people are bombarded with tons of letters on a daily basis, therefore your email may vanish in the crowd and never gotten to click through. To prevent that from happening think of a triggering, personalized subject line. Its main functions are to evoke curiosity, to communicate urgency, or simply include key announcements. The pressure is a big one on this invitation email element. The right approach to it will improve open rates, produce higher click-through rates,  attract more subscribers, and grow ROI.

Don’t forget a CTA

The call to action button is a must in the invitation emails. First of all, it helps the audience to register with no confusion and get a delighted user experience. You as a marketer will benefit from it to trace the click-through rates and see how this marketing strategy may get improved. It would be nice if the CTA click could get added to the Google calendar immediately, since with the busy lives people lead it’s nice to be reminded of upcoming events technology-wise.

Right segmentation

Creating an invitation event email you should bear in mind that it is still email marketing. As a marketing specialist, you know that segmentation is a key to achieve new leads and maintain the loyalty of the regular ones. So creating an invitation email you have to know who you target since they will differ due to the goal they are aimed to achieve ( all the recipients are on different steps of AIDA funnel, and it is crucial to implement the data obtained from analytics when writing). Thank you letters, follow-up letters, reminders about events, motivation letters will be created and sent to different segments in order to get adequate responses, if any at all.

To sum up

So, when looking for inspiration to compose the invitation event email that hits the target, start with simple and practical stuff, like precisely answering the questions that the audience might have, think through the relevant design, and  grammatically correct, audience-oriented content, supported by power words and triggering action phrases. Relevancy, key components, and understanding your market clientele-wise will have your email be clicked-through and have your ROI sky-rocket.

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