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5 Factors to Consider Before Choosing an Online Blackjack Casino

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games around the world. It’s offered by traditional and different online casinos. With all the variety available, it’s not always easy to choose the right casino to play in.

If you are looking for a casino with certain characteristics, here above you can see the best in the 5 categories preferred by users; From the largest variety of blackjack variants to the operator with the most and best payment methods, each casino has its own strengths that should be known before you start playing.

How to find the best online blackjack casino?

Online tables are powered by digital dealers who are actually RNGs or random number generators. The software of this card game includes an algorithm that draws any of the total cards, without it being possible in any way to predict which one will come out or manipulate them during the game. There is no cheating possible when using verified RNGs. These random generators are precisely what makes it possible to calculate the theoretical return to player or RTP percentage. It has one of the highest RTPs in casino games, around 98% or even 99%. What you bet can be recovered with the winnings. Secure software and good RTP are criteria that can help you choose the best live blackjack operator.

Safety first

Before we have mentioned the tested RNGs. NetEnt, a giant of the sector or the great innovators of Microgaming, these online game providers when developing game softwares verify that they really depend on luck and that they cannot be cheated nor the results can be guessed. Normally this is done by contracting an independent laboratory for the verification of gaming systems. This must be internationally recognized.

Table limits

Table limits are the key. Many tables, mainly the classic European and American ones, offer different betting limits that you choose before you start enjoying online blackjack games. Let’s look at some of them to give you an idea. The normal thing is that the limits are placed in a classic table between $0.01 and $1 as a minimum and up to $50 and $300 as a maximum per game in the multi-hand tables; and with a minimum of $2-$1 and a maximum of $100 and $50 at the multiplayer tables.


Before recommending any game or casino, you should check out if the platform is totally safe and is licensed. Apart from that, you can also positively consider the fact that they have prestigious awards for the best blackjack casino.

Business experience

The most reliable arcades usually have many years of business, so they have extensive experience operating in the gaming industry. In this way, companies build prestige around their brands and this means that casino customers perceive them as synonymous with transparency, quality and honesty. Therefore, another aspect to consider is the online casino business experience.

Customer service

We must make sure that the blackjack casino we choose has good customer support. In particular, it’s important that the operator has several contact methods available; these are usually the form to send, the contact email, the telephone and the live chat. Each of these contact forms has its advantages, it all depends on whether it is a one-off query or if it is necessary to send documents. Do not forget to check the FAQ section of the casino before resorting to the support service, your doubt may be resolved there.


An important criterion when evaluating an online casino are the positive reviews of the customers on the Internet. Players of blackjack, roulette or online poker often exchange their opinions and share their experiences in order to benefit those beginner players who have not yet registered with the operator. It’s important to analyze all these comments that are on the network, evaluate them and create an opinion before opting for an option.

Some other aspects to take into account when choosing which is the best online blackjack casino are the minimum and maximum limits per bet at the tables, and if they offer the most popular versions, the American and the European.

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