Car Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Yourself

You are fastidious about maintaining your car, and a stickler for perfection. You would rather fix a few snags yourself than leave it to the local car mechanic. In the process, you pride yourself for saving on the almighty dollar, and managing a family outing that was long due!

Difficulty in starting the engine could be an indication that your car needs a tune-up. You can do a lot of DIYs to keep your vehicle as good as new. No matter where you begin from, it helps to take reference from your car’s user manual for repair and cleaning instructions. For the cleaning work, you need protective gear, hand tools, a trash bag, mild liquid detergent in a spray bottle, and a soft-bristled brush.

1. Air Filter

Air filters are one of the first things that need regular checking and clean up. Remove the filter carefully and unclog the loose filth into a trash bag. Use a handheld vacuum to suck out the stubborn debris from the inner crevices. Use a safe, eco-friendly air filter cleaner or a diluted dish wash solution, and spray lightly into the filter. Using a toothbrush, clean the hard-to-reach areas, applying moderate pressure. Rinse well with water. Fit the filter back in place once it is completely dry.

2. Automotive Lighting

Remove the bulb covers and clean your car’s head and taillights inside out to improve their beam strength. If you must replace any one light, replace all of them for consistent lighting. You do not want one pair to be dimmer than the other. Install energy-efficient car bulbs as it is a worthy investment.

3. Battery Maintenance

Clean the battery cables using a non-metallic brush and a solution of baking soda in water. Clean off the corrosive material after detaching the cables. Next fill the battery holes with distilled water. Never overfill the holes, and check the battery for cracks. Replace the battery at the first sign of disrepair. Clean the battery tray and avoid contact with acid.

4. Oil and Oil Filter

 Invest in good quality oil and filters to enhance mileage performance and your vehicle’s overall lifespan. Check for the recommendations for oil viscosity from the user manual. Pull out the oil plug, and install a new gasket if needed. Use oil filter wrenches to remove the oil filter and add fresh oil into the engine using a funnel. Use the dipstick to check if more oil is needed.

5. Brake Pads

Fixing a worn-out brake is not as easy as you think. It is best to consult an expert on this and enlist their help to get your vehicle roadworthy. Car brake repair Sutherland Shire offers specialised services in brake repairs to keep you and your family safe.

You do not want to drive with a heavy head worrying about the next breakdown. Lack of maintenance could lead to a noisy engine, lowered engine performance, decreased acceleration, gas depletion, jerky motions, and more. The above simple DIYs can help to pre-empt a serious car failure and save you the hassle of unnecessary expenditure.

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