How to Put On a Diaper

How to Put On a Diaper

Raising a child is always more work than parents expect, and that is especially true during infancy. During this time, babies rely on their parents for everything under the sun. Parents need to learn some new skills to be up to the task, including how to put on a diaper.

It’s not as easy as it sounds. Taping a diaper up so that it’s comfortable takes practice, and so does cleaning your child while they are being changed. But if you persevere, you will end up being a master who can tackle any parenting issue.

And to learn more about the first challenge in parenthood, changing a diaper, just keep reading below!

First, Wash Your Hands And Make Sure They Are Clean

The first step before you do anything is to make sure your hands are clean, and that the child is clean, too. After you unfasten the tapes on their current diaper, you can expect to be hit with a ghastly smell. Just bear through it and slide the diaper out from under them.

Then, roll it up and dispose of it in a diaper genie, or something similar. You won’t want to throw it away in a regular trash bag, because the smell will spread in the room you place it in. Once that is done, wipe them clean and shiny before getting ready to put a disposable diaper on them.

Slide a Diaper Underneath Them

After making sure they are clean, it’s time to cover them up! Slide a new, fresh diaper underneath them — gently lifting their legs if you need room. Make sure that the diaper is situated and arranged the right way beneath them, or else you won’t be able to tape it on correctly.

The top of the diaper should be a little above their waist, just below their belly button. The extra room gives the diaper more space to catch anything that may leak. The tapes should line up almost exactly around their waist and should circle around them easily.

The diaper should be snug around their bottom, with just a little room so that they are comfortable. If it’s too loose, the diaper may not work the way it is supposed to. And if it’s too tight, they may end up being fussy.

Apply Ointments, Cream, and Baby Powder

Before you tape the diaper and after you clean them, you should apply any common safety materials. These can include fresh baby powder, ointments, and cream to prevent bacteria from developing on their skin. You should make sure these kinds of products do not harm them.

Sometimes, your child may be allergic to some items. The best way to avoid issues is to get organic diaper cream, talcum-free baby powder, and other safe alternatives to traditional products.

Knowing How to Put on a Diaper is Easy

Learning how to put on a diaper is easy, but actually changing a diaper can be hard. Nobody is perfect, and young children vary in size, fussiness, and everything else. Just because you know how to change your own child’s diaper doesn’t mean you’re an expert.

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