Ditch the Party Planner

Ditch the Party Planner: How to Throw Your Own Birthday Party

Ever thought about becoming your own dancers for party entertainment? Considering the rising cost of parties, it might not be a bad idea.

In fact, one survey reported by NBC News found that $28,000 is spent on a child’s birthday parties from birth to age 21. That’s an average of more than $1,300 a year.

Whether you’re an adult planning for a child or an adult planning for yourself or another adult, there’s got to be a better way. Follow these strategies, and you’ll find it!

Make Venue Arrangements 

Figuring out where your party is going to be is the first obstacle to consider as you plan this thing on your own. If you’re doing it at your place, will it be outside or inside, and do you have the coverage for the number of guests and activities you expect to host?

If not your place, what are some venues big enough in your community to accommodate? Also, will the guests be adults, children, or a mixture? Focus on space, amenities, and dining arrangements.

Stock Up On Food And Drinks

Once you’ve figured out the place, it’s time to get to the nuts and bolts. Feeding your guests around specific birthday party themes is always a nice touch. Think seafood for a pirate theme, Italian food for gangsters, etc.

In other words, let a good theme guide you to the food arrangement. Not only will it add a sense of fun, but it will also make it easier to figure out all the dishes and ingredients you will need.

Have Something for the Kids 

If you are throwing a birthday party for children or adults with children are going to be present, make sure you have childcare figured out. Brainstorm a list of party games like Connect Four, Jenga, or Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Keeping the kids entertained is how to plan a birthday party 101. It keeps them occupied and you having fun.

Decide On Structure

Some great birthday party ideas can be born out of the structure of your party. For example, silent dance parties are increasing in popularity.

If you’d like to try a disco theme, you might consider tailoring that for your purposes.

You’ve got a lot of administrative work to do to pull this thing off. Make sure you’ve sent your invites and made any necessary reservations at least a month before the party date. Just add them to your party planning checklist from the start so you don’t forget.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

If you have a relatively small birthday budget, you may not want to waste it all on print invitations when you can just set up an event on Facebook or a social media platform of your choice. Create your page and text or email it to any contacts that you’d like to see there. Next, send follow-up posts once a week until the big day.

You Can Be Your Own Birthday Party Planner

Being your own birthday party planner might seem a little overwhelming at first, but you’ll eventually get into a groove and feel your confidence grow. Just make sure you’re writing down your to-dos and checking them off the list as you go. For more party planning tips and tricks, check out some of our additional posts!

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