Air Conditioner Problems

Air Con Maintenance Task You Can Do Yourself

Regular DIY maintenance activities would ensure that your air conditioning system keeps you cool during the harsh Aussie summers and cosy during the chilly winters even without professional servicing. Here are a few expert-backed tips that will get you going.

Check your aircon filters

The filters in your AC units keep dust and dirt from entering the system besides helping in clean air circulation. Clogged filters can strain the system besides harbouring a breeding ground inside the aircon ductwork leading to mould growth and health complications like asthma.

If your air conditioner uses reusable filters, rinse them with water, let them dry, and place them back in the system. Do not use a vacuum cleaner to clean air filters or put a damp filter into the AC unit. In the case of disposable filters, read instructions before safely replacing them approximately every 200 running hours.

Take care of the air filters to eliminate the chances of AC malfunctioning.

Clean the condenser, evaporator coils, and the drainpipe

The condenser of your aircon system is a large fan enclosed in a metal box, while the evaporator coils are part of the indoor unit. Together, these maintain the air temperature at your desired level.

As a part of the outdoor unit, the condenser is likely to attract debris like leaves, broken twigs, etc., which can disrupt its function. Do check up on it periodically, particularly after stormy weather.

Dust the loose dirt on the evaporator coils with a coil brush and then use a mild solution of soap and water or follow manufacturer instructions to moisten the grime. Allow the solution to sit a little while before wiping off the solution gently with a damp cloth.

Use a vacuum cleaner to clear off any dirt and debris blocking the drain tube of your AC unit and thus prevent it from dripping water.

Run these checks periodically for the smooth functioning of your aircon.

Dust the insides of your aircon units

Lightly dust the insides of your ait conditioning units with a feather duster occasionally so that only clean air circulates into your home. This way, maintaining the health of the aircon and your family becomes a breeze.

Free the clutter around the aircon 

Resist crowding the indoor unit of your air conditioner with closely placed furniture or soft furnishings and indoor plants. The outdoor unit may seem apt to set up a couple of planters. However, it is advisable not to weigh it down. Restricted airflow around the system will strain the functioning of the aircon, raising your energy bill considerably.

Further, growing plants around aircon units can lead to the invasion of your system by various insects and animals that can damage the machine, costing you hefty repairing charges.

Living without the convenience of an air conditioner seems prehistoric in present times. Nevertheless, regular upkeep may feel like chore if you’re a busy individual. Hiring professional the best air conditioning services Gold Coast can offer is not only a way to save yourself the hassles of doing the aircon maintenance yourself but is also highly recommended to detect and remedy any AC issues pre-emptively.

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