5 Hallmarks of an Illegal Online Pharmacy: How to Spot a Fake

Did you know that the fake pharmaceuticals market is worth over $200 billion globally?

Sadly experts say that this market is growing as economic conditions worsen and people look for cheaper solutions to pain and illness.

If you need medication and are thinking of trying an online pharmacy, how can you tell real goods from fake?

Why not take a few minutes to read up on some tell-tale signs regarding online pharmacies.

  1. A Site that Offers You Medication Without Prescription

Medication is produced to treat specific symptoms and illnesses. It requires trained personnel not only to prescribe the medicine but also to measure the dosage.

A professional, legitimate pharmacy will never offer you prescription medicine without these checks. When looking to buy prescription drugs online, ensure that the pharmacy ask you enough questions, or you may not receive genuine medicine.

  1. Prices that are Too Good

Medicine is unfortunately not cheap. If you have a great need it may seem economical to take up an offer of medicines at an unbelievable price. However, if it seems too good to be true, it almost certainly is.

Medicine costs money. While you might find good deals, prices that are unexpectedly low should be treated with suspicion.

  1. Arrives Unexpectedly in Your Inbox

An email that arrives unexpectedly in your inbox with a catchy title is unlikely to be from a trustworthy source. Treat it as you would every other scammer that sends you fake or phishing emails: send it to the trash.

If you did not ask for the email, how would the person know your medical needs? Delete suspect emails on sight.

  1. Worldwide Shipping

If a pharmacy offers worldwide shipping, you should ask more questions before proceeding. Every country has different laws and legislature that restricts the transport of medicine.

If a company promises to deliver worldwide, either they are exaggerating or they are using illegal delivery methods.

  1. Unclear Source of Origin

The website may be in English, however, that does not mean that the FDA approves the company for business. Read the small print carefully to ensure that the company manufactures in the USA or a country that will meet FDA standards.

If the country of origin is not clear stay far away even if the price seems very attractive.

Important Facts About Online Pharmacy Services and Much More

Purchasing medicine in 2020 can be more difficult than you think. If you or a loved one is in pain and needs medication, it may be tempting to look for the cheapest online pharmacy you can find. If you do not know how to distinguish real from fake, you could end up losing money or even worsening the condition.

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