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5 Homework Tips for Teachers

Imagine you are in school on a Friday. It is the last hour and you are waiting for your classes to be over. The teacher comes in and gives you a whole lot of homework! Weekend ruined, plans spoiled! This is how most of the students perceive homework.

Homework is an integral part of learning. However, somewhere along the way, even the most enthusiastic student starts to dread homework. Why does this happen? It is generally because of the fear associated with homework and the amount of time it eats up that makes most of the students dread homework. There are tips and tricks that teachers can use to ensure that the students enjoy homework.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some homework tips for teachers.

5 Homework Tips for Teachers

  1. Let them free on the weekends 

You read that right. Giving homework on the weekends can make students hate the whole idea. They have been working hard the whole week and they will have a lot of things to do over the weekend. It is okay to give them a day off. What you can do is give them homework every day of the week. However, you should ensure that they are not given heaps of homework. Give work in bite-sized capsules so that the students don’t feel burdened. This way, you will be able to give them homework and they will be under the illusion that they got the weekends for themselves. It is a win-win situation.

  1. Use a homework app

Another important tip that is sure to help teachers is using a homework app. Homework apps are mobile applications that help teachers to schedule and manage homework. Assignments and homework an inevitable part of the curriculum. Assigning these, managing the submissions., keeping track of the grades, etc can be time-consuming and hectic. Using a homework app will help with this aspect. There are online teaching apps that double as homework apps and it is better to choose such apps like Teachmint so that the teachers can sit back and relax. It is easier for students as well because there would be regular reminders and the submission is super easy.

  1. Positive Criticism and Reaffirmations

As discussed, one of the major reasons why students hate homework is because of the fear that is associated with it. This might sound weird but students don’t do homework because of this fear of being yelled at. The human brain works in strange ways and when students feel that they will be yelled at if they get the answer wrong, they will just choose not to do the work altogether. Practice reaffirmations in class. DO NOT yell at students for getting things wrong and convey the importance of trying and putting in efforts and appreciate the students for the efforts that they put in. You can also use various methods to motivate the students.

  1. Go Easy

In addition to practicing positive reaffirmations, you have to go easy on your students. A big mountain will look hatred to climb whereas ten small mountains will seem easier even though the effort required is the same. As mentioned, divide the homework into smaller chunks and spread it across the week. This way the students won’t feel pressured and burdened.

  1. Food for thought

Give your students something to think about. Homework for the sake of homework does not make much sense. Give your students something to consider and contemplate about. This will broaden their mindset and increase their inquisitiveness and at the end of the day, that’s what teachers strive for.

We have discussed some homework tips for teachers that are sure to help. Classes have moved online and technology is changing the face of education. It is pivotal to have some tricks up your sleeve to ensure student participation and student engagement. Hope this blog helped you. We will be back with more informative content, stay tuned!

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