Medicare Insurance Agents

5 Important Questions To Ask Medicare Insurance Agents

1. Which Plan Should I choose?

The original Medicare doesn’t cover routine hearing, vision, and dental care. So, members may require a Medicare Advantage plan that offers these and other benefits, like an OTC allowance or gym membership. Also, some plans do not cover prescription drugs. So, it is important to find Medicare insurance agents near me for more information on the available plans to choose the one that best suits your needs.  You may also consider Medicare Supplement Plans along with a stand alone Drug Plan.

2. Do the Plans Change?

It is important to note that plans change annually. So, every year, you should be on the lookout for the Annual Notice of Change that includes the changes in coverage, costs, and service area beginning from January of the next year. Take note of these changes to see if your plan will continue to meet your needs.

Sometimes, your service area may receive extra benefits. So, always keep tabs on the changes in your plan to enjoy all the benefits it provides or change it accordingly. However, if you are no longer convinced your plan meets your needs, visit Medicare insurance agents near me for clarification and guidance on the way forward.

3. Does Medicare Cover My Prescriptions?

Original Medicare, Part A and B, and Medicare Supplement plans do not cover prescription drugs. However, most Medicare Advantage plans do. So, if you choose a Medicare Supplement plan that doesn’t cover prescription drugs, enroll in a separate Part D plan. Medicare Medical Savings Accounts do not cover drugs and Private Fee-For-Service Plans will vary.

4. Can I Still Visit my Regular Doctor?

With the original Medicare, you get to see any doctor who accepts Medicare and is willing to see you. However, Medicare Advantage plans require using specific hospitals and health providers. Find Medicare insurance agents near me to go over the provider network in your plan to see which specialists, doctors, and hospitals are included.

5. Does my Plan have an Annual Out-of-pocket Maximum?

Original Medicare does not have an out-of-pocket maximum. You may, therefore, find yourself with expensive bills, especially in an emergency. Medicare supplement plans or Medicare advantage plans can help you with such costs. Talk with Medicare insurance agents near me to help you determine your plan’s out-of-pocket limits and costs.


Seniors can be vulnerable to fraudsters who take advantage of them by stealing their identities or overcharging them for services. So, it’s important to visit Medicare insurance agents near me to ensure your information is protected and get the best plan for your needs.

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