save money on school uniform

How to save money on school uniform

School uniform is costly. Whether your child is moving up to secondary school or starting reception, you are likely to be looking at a huge bill for getting them kitted out. Having said that, there are some ways you can keep money if you plan ahead, make the most of offers and think about purchasing second-hand. Here are best tips for keeping money on school uniform.

Wait for the offers before you buy

It is best to work out early what you need but wait until the unique offers to actually begin buying. Sainsbury generally have twenty-five percent off day in August and this is a remarkable time to pick up the basics. Spencers and Marks are generally has an offers on school uniform during the hot months. Lidl and Aldi have super affordable uniform in their “middle aisle “sometimes in August, the standard varies but it is a remarkable choice if you want to go truly affordable.

Sewing For Yourself to Save Money

Your child, like everyone else, quickly grows out of clothes. And while you can get away with buying a couple of new outfits every year, the cost can add up over time. So, what’s a parent to do when their child needs a new school uniform. One of the best options is to sew the uniforms themselves! Not only will you save money, but you’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing that your child is wearing a uniquely customized outfit. Fabric stores have a wide variety of fabrics to choose the best option for you. So, you can find the perfect online fabric store to buy quality and affordable fabrics for school uniforms for your child. Plus, by sewing your own uniforms, you’ll know that they will fit your child perfectly. So, why not give it a try? Your child will be proud to wear a custom school uniform!

Buy from your school

Lots of schools hold uniform sales where they offer donated uniform to parents. This is a remarkable way of getting in extras in, mainly when it comes to things like jumpers and polo shirts with logos that can be costly when bought from specialist uniform shops. If your kid has not started school yet, view if you can buy the lowest amount of clothes to last until the school holds the primary sale of the year.


After you have decided your uniform store, the next thing you can do is to look for big deals. Coupon Codes will support you greatly in that. If you thoughts coupons are just for fancy buying like handbags and perfumes then you are totally wrong. Because there are pretty good coupon websites who provide great discount deals on uniforms too. This means, you will have to follow with the coupon websites for daily offers/deals. There are many mobile applications which you can download in your Smartphones to get updates from these sites.

Go for a larger size

This is one of the general yet best tips to save money on school uniforms. Whenever you buy a stitched version or ready-made then it is excellent to forever for some inches in the sleeves and leg along with a changeable waistband in skirts. Kids have a propensity to grow quick following their growth years.

Shop around for shoes

You do not have to purchase your shoes from the famous high-street shoes store. Supermarkets, for example, sell best standard school shoes at about third of the price. If you know your kids size and have a best idea how to check the fit, then it pays to shop around.

Ask other parents

If you know other friends and parents at the school, or get to know them, ask them for tricks and tips when it comes to buying school uniform – they may know a lot of wonderful money-saving ideas to help you.

Use money-off vouchers or clubcard points

If you are buying from a supermarket or store that has a loyalty card scheme, use your vouchers or points to get money off. And check if there are any specific discount offers or deals in place on your account that you can use.

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