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5 of Europe’s Best Destinations for Low-Cost Phd. Study

If you leave no stone unturned in your desire to achieve an affordable Ph.D. overseas, you are going to be surprised at the savings you are going to make. The cost of getting a second degree in Europe is on the high side. This is the reason why all hands must be on the deck to get the best location and the best help in your thesis works at Thesis Geek and at an affordable price that will not tear too much into your pocket.

1.  Italy

Italy is the home to the oldest universities in Europe and they come in cheap. The country is affordable to live in and this is the reason why several people are trooping to the country as tourists and international students. There are several accessible tuition fees accompanied by low living costs.

A look at the rates shows that it is a destination that will not tear into your pocket.

2. Spain

Spain is another destination that you can not ignore if you want the best in your pursuit of a PhD. There are over 70 top-rated universities that you can choose from. The climate is Mediterranean and the prices are affordable. Aside from that, the locals are very friendly and you are going to have a feeling of home away from home when you get to Spain as an international student.

With an average tuition of 300-3,500 EUR/academic year and living costs at 600 – 1,000 EUR/month, you are going to get education at an incredibly reduced price.

3. Germany

Germany is a country that you can rely on for quality education in Europe. The schools in Germany are known for world-class education in addition to cutting-edge research opportunities. The add-ons are offered as part of the Masters program.

There are about 300 universities and 10 of them are ranked among the top leading universities worldwide. You have about 900 international masters degree programs that you can choose from.

Germany is making the list on account of its very low tuition fees. You must carry out research on the city that is affordable among the German cities in other to get pocket-friendly accommodation in the city.

4. France

French culture has a worldwide appeal to people all over the world. If you desire total education that has you covered both academically and culturally, the place to be is in Germany. There are numerous higher institutions that are spread across 40 cities that give quality education at affordable costs. The tuition is between170-650 EUR/academic year and living costs are at an average of 700-950 EUR/month.

5. Hungary

This is a beautiful east European country that we can not leave out on our list of best affordable countries for the pursuit of a PhD. You are going to receive higher standards of education at affordable costs. You can expect the best at an affordable price in Hungary.


If you want to quality PhD program at affordable rates, then you can pick from any of the top pocket-friendly options that are detailed above.

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