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5 Reasons for Choosing Pet Insurance

Pets are not just companion animals, they are part of our families, they sleep in our beds and we celebrate their birthdays. They have a short, but meaningful life and we should help them live the best way they can. That often means visits to the vet, whether it’s for a regular checkup or an unexpected situation.

Choosing pet insurance can sometimes be a tough decision, most often if your pet is a very healthy one. But, we can never know what the future brings, and what kind of situations we’ll encounter. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider getting pet insurance for your beloved pet.

Why choose pet insurance?

Pet insurance is a safety net that will protect us against unexpected costs relating to our pets, and the most common reason is covering veterinary bills. However, at first, it might seem like an unnecessary expense, but the future is uncertain, and it’s best to have a health plan for your furry friend. The benefits of pet insurance, except for saving you a lot of funds and time, include increasing your options for treatment and allowing you to pick your vet.

Vet care and quality nutritional products can make our pets enjoy a longer lifespan. Regular checkups can prevent serious illnesses, injuries, and many other health problems that we are not familiar with. What’s most important is that it gives you peace of mind, meaning you will be prepared for any unfortunate event that may happen to your pet and it also allows you to choose the best medical treatment, so you won’t have to worry about your beloved companion’s health.

Things you should be aware of before getting pet insurance are your pet’s age and pre-existing conditions. The best time to get insurance might be while your pet is still little, around 6 months or so, and hasn’t developed any health problems because late detection of pre-existing conditions can make the process much more difficult.

1.       Sickness

Just like humans, pets can get sick out of the blue, and even though most common illnesses include vomiting or diarrhea, those symptoms can be a sign of something more serious. Animals also develop chronic illnesses such as diabetes, allergies, and cancer. Having an insurance plan helps protect us from additional expenses like treatments, meds, tests, and surgeries, which can cost lots of money. What’s most important is to discover these illnesses on time, and help them recover fast.

2.       Injuries

Accidents happen, and serious medical situations arise at a moment’s notice. Having pet insurance is the best way to protect them from injuries and make sure that they will make it through a traumatic incident like car accidents, or bad falls which can result in broken bones, or other more serious health problems. An insurance plan will let you choose the best medical care for important surgeries that could save your pet’s life. For example, even if the full cost isn’t covered, a lot of insurance agencies will help you come up with a payment plan to handle the remaining bills.

3.       Chronic conditions

Vet science has become extremely advanced, and this means that chronic conditions can be treated or even cured with regular medical care. Of course, the treatments can be extremely expensive, because most conditions require blood tests, prescription drugs, biopsies, and regular appointments. Depending on the disease, some treatments might continue for the rest of your pet’s life, so having pet insurance will help you with the costs because a long-term insurance payment costs less.

4.       Regular checkup save lives

Not only can you discover illnesses or chronic conditions on time, but you will help your pet live a longer and healthier life. Your vet can recommend a healthy diet, give vaccines, and check conditions such as heartworm, or look for ticks and safely remove them. They will also notice if your companion is developing arthritis and help with health problems of old age. Regular checkups will keep them safe from small problems turning into more serious conditions. With pet insurance, you can choose your vet and schedule yearly appointments without having to pay extra money out of pocket.

5.       The best for the best friend

Humans would not think twice about getting health insurance, so you should also consider this for your furry best friend. It doesn’t cost too much and you won’t have to worry because it will allow you to tackle any given situation without having to break the bank. Many pet owners find themselves choosing cheaper less effective remedies or even discontinue treatments just because they cannot afford to pay for the expensive medical bills. With pet insurance, your companion will be safe and you won’t have to compromise on their medical care at any point in their life.

Final thoughts

Pet insurance is a regular monthly expense that will keep your mind at ease. Remember to choose the insurance agency that suits you and your pet the best way possible. Bear in mind that an insurance plan should help you save money instead of having to spend more. We embrace pets as our family members, so we should also treat them as such, and provide them with the best medical care possible.

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