Motorised Blinds

Learning More About Motorised Blinds

This is the time of year when everybody is looking to make upgrades to their home. They want to make their living space more comfortable as well as functional. If this sounds like something you are trying to do, you might want to find out more about motorised blinds. They seem to be the accessory everybody is adding to their home right now, and there are plenty of good reasons for this. One thing’s for sure; you will love them and wonder why this decision took you so long. So, let’s learn more about motorised blinds.

How Do You Operate Motorised Blinds?

Of course, most people are aware that a motor operates these types of blinds. It allows you to open and close them without doing this manually. But, how do they actually operate when you want to do this? Well, there are a few ways.

Remote Control

Many motorised blinds are going to be operated by remote control. They will be simple with a few buttons, and you can select the action you want. Check out to see what options you have with Smart Blinds. They offer affordable but luxurious motorised blinds that you can use in your home, whether this is in your bedroom or living room.

Voice Operation

Some of the most sophisticated and up-to-date blinds will offer voice operation. Just as the name suggests, you can use simple commands to open and close the blinds. If you are someone that has a home automation system, this is going to be a function you will love.


In some cases, there are going to be buttons located on the blinds themselves. So, this means that you will approach the blind and find the appropriate switch. Often, this can be the most affordable design. But, if you want to operate a lot of blinds or do this in a hurry, it is going to be slightly more time-consuming.

How are Motorised Blinds Powered?

Household bills are rising, and many people want to know how motorised blinds are powered. Well, there are two options you can select.

Battery Power

Battery-powered blinds are very popular since they can be cheaper to run. You simply use a few batteries, and your blinds are ready to go. There are no wires to worry about, and these blinds can be used anywhere in the house. But, you will have to shop around for efficient motorised blinds, and you might better choosing long-life batteries. This will stop you from having to replace them so often.

Mains Power

The second option is mains power. Many people like this option since it is reliable and you know that the blinds are always going to be in operation. You can open and close them without having to think about replacing batteries. But, something you will need to think about is where your closest outlet is. Indeed, if it is far away, the wire might not stretch, or it could be visible.

What Type of Motorised Blinds Are There?

Of course, we all know that there are different types of blinds. Thankfully, many styles are now motorised. Let’s take a look at some examples.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are popular for bedrooms and you can control whether they are open or shut. The motor is hidden, which means nobody will know they are motorised. It is integrated into the design for a sleek style.

Roman Blinds

Do you like the style of roman blinds? Indeed, they are now motorised too. You can choose the fabric you love and what room you want them installed in. Again, the motor is discrete since it is integrated into the track.

Venetian Blinds

Next, there are Venetian blinds. This allows you some privacy since you can control the tilt of the slats. The motor is hidden in the tracking so that it is not going to be visible and wreck the style. Often, these blinds will be available in real or faux wood, as well as other materials.

Vertical Blinds

You can also choose to have motorised vertical blinds. The motor makes it easy to open and close them, which is going to be handy for patio doors or large windows. Plus, the motors are slim, so they are not visible.

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