Why Moissanite is So Cheap – A Look at the Science and Economics

Moissanite can be the ideal choice if you enjoy the look of diamonds but less expensive. By how much is moissanite less expensive than a diamond? The average price of a one-carat diamond with acceptable cut, color, and clarity is between $4,000 and $5,000. For around $600, a Moissanite of comparable size and quality can be purchased. That is at least an 85% savings. When purchasing Moissanite over Diamond, total savings of 90% are rather usual. But then, why is moissanite so cheap? In terms of appearance, moissanite and diamond are quite similar. Have you seen the sterling silver custom name pendants? You have to check this out.

The Difference Between Diamond and Moissanite Prices Today

The price difference between Moissanite and diamonds is substantial. We got a quote from a reputable diamond merchant known for selling at reasonable prices. The least costly diamond they currently have is $5,490 for a mined diamond with a color grade of “G” or better, a clarity grade of VS1 or higher, and a cut grade of “Very Good” or better.

A 1-carat (6.5 mm) Moissanite stone costs about $600 and has properties comparable to the diamond mentioned above. That amounts to $4,890 in savings or 89%! Marriage is frequently an expensive endeavor. The prices quickly increase between the reception, the cake, the dress, the honeymoon, and many other expenses. Imagine acquiring a stunning and long-lasting ring for less than $5,000, that is similar to a diamond. Now you can see why is moissanite so cheap.

Four Important Factors to Note About Price of Moissanite vs Diamonds

Mining activities are the most popular method of removing diamonds from the earth. It is estimated that 1750 tons of earth must be removed for every carat that is discovered. While dynamite and huge earth-moving equipment can help with a lot of the work, a lot of it still needs to be done by hand using picks and shovels.

On the surface, it seems simple to write off the high price of diamonds due to the expenses involved in discovering and mining a diamond. It’s frequently surprising how little those costs are when you look into the public record reports of industrial titans. After all, labor is incredibly cheap where most of these operations are being conducted.

1.  There is Zero Collusion or Artificial Scarcity With Moissanite

People in the diamond industry frequently cite diamonds’ rarity as one of the primary justifications for why, in their opinion, they are better and more valuable than high-quality imitation stones like moissanite. They cite historical pricing patterns for diamonds as proof of their scarcity and worth.

A lot of the rarity of diamonds is made up.

2.  Diamond Industry Hates It When Diamond Prices Drop

The diamond business WISHES for them to be very expensive due to the psychological effects of diamond pricing on our desire to buy them. People wouldn’t want to own them as a status symbol if they weren’t. As a result, if any layers of intermediaries were somehow eliminated from the diamond supply chain, the seller—not you—would probably profit from the savings. Even if their diamonds were sold at inflated prices, the seller would still make a healthy profit.

3.  Scared of Judgment and Labels Known as Ring Shaming

A powerful motivator is fear! It may help you make crucial purchase decisions. Recently, numerous articles concerning “ring shaming” have appeared online. This occurs when someone rejects and humiliates someone else for attempting to give them a ring that falls short of their expectations. The fact that YouTube may be a useful tool for publicly humiliating others means that we might hear more of this in the future.

4.  Moissanite Is Not Considered an Investment Unlike Diamonds

If consumers consider their purchase to be an investment that would grow in value over time, they can frequently justify spending $5,000 or $10,000. The false belief that all diamonds increase in value is risky and unfounded. The fact that it is untrue is the first and biggest problem with suggesting that the diamonds in a standard ring are investments that will increase in value. The kind of diamond that usually comes on an engagement ring won’t be valued. You might experience worthwhile appreciation if you had hundreds of thousands (or millions) of dollars to invest in rare and exceptional diamonds. Buyers lose money when reselling absent such exceptional circumstances, even if they keep their rings for a very long time before selling them.


Despite being far less expensive than diamond, moissanite has numerous outstanding features. Now you know why is moissanite so cheap. It isn’t a sacrifice because it is lovely, strong, and inexpensive. It’s a decision with lots of alluring benefits. The harsh truth is that the material and size of your ring have no bearing on your worth, the intensity of your love, or the caliber of your union. You might discover Moissanite to be a superior option overall if you can get past the diamond industry’s self-serving advertising statements.

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