Cartier Wood Frame Glasses

Best Cartier Wood Frame Glasses

Cartier’s eyewear collection is made up of some of the best designs. This applies to both sunglasses and ophthalmic glasses. It offers elegant handcrafted eyewear that will give you an alluring look.

Like  city glass frames, the wood frame glasses from Cartier are of top-class quality. Moreover, the company makes fashionable wooden eyewear frames that will provide you with long-lasting service.

If you are after elegance and style, Cartier has everything that you may need. However, Cartier products are somewhat expensive compared to most brands in the market, so ensure that you are well prepared when shopping.

When it comes to eyewear, the company offers a long list of options that you can choose from. As such, finding the right wood frame glasses can be a bit challenging.

Fret not because this article highlights some of the best Cartier wood Frame glasses that you can consider buying.

Cartier Wood CT0052O

This frame is crafted from superior quality Poplar Wood, so it won’t break provided that the glasses are given proper care. It ships with demo lenses, which you can customize according to your optical needs.

Aside from that, it has an attractive gold accent that gives it a luxurious look. This pair of wood frame glasses is fairly priced compared to frames provided by the manufacturer.

Cartier Prescription Eyeglasses Frame Wood T8100864 Rimless

This pair of glasses not only has a simple design but is also elegant. It comes with a sturdily built frame that won’t break easily. It is also fitted with non-polarized composite lenses, which reduce sunlight intensity.

The temples are made of high-quality Bubinga wood and are also engraved with an attractive tiger motif for aesthetic purposes. Additionally, the end pieces are firmly fastened, so the hinge won’t come loose, and neither will they detach.

Cartier C-Decor 140b

Like most eyewear from Cartier, this pair has a vintage design and is also made of premium-grade materials to ensure that the user gets a product that is fashionable and durable. The temple tips are rounded for user safety.

You will be happy to know that these glasses are deadstock, meaning they have never been used. But, that is not all; the temples have a smooth brown finish while the end pieces are accented with gold.

Cartier Eyewear Collection

Cartier has a rich collection of eyewear, so it will be up to you to choose the product that matches your taste and preference.

  • Louis Cartier: The eyeglasses from this collection are elegant and also have a bold finish. Additionally, they are accented with precious gems that improve their overall appearance.
  • C Décor: Most of the eyeglasses in this collection have wood frames and are also accented in gold.
  • Panthère de Cartier: As the name suggests, this collection is inspired by a panther. The glasses are handcrafted by experts and are equally glamorous.
  • Première de Cartier: These glasses come in different designs, thus providing you with a wide range of options that you go for.
  • Santos de Cartier: This collection is mainly made up of eyeglasses that are fitted with Santos screws.

How to Identify Authentic Cartier Eyewear

Check the Cartier logo

Ensure that the logo on the lens and the temples are of high quality.

Check for scratches and spelling mistakes

When buying Cartier glasses, you should check the lenses and the frames for scratches and misspelled words.

Check the nose piece

Original Cartier eyeglasses have a double “C” logo on the nose piece.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Cartier glasses so expensive?

Cartier glasses have exceptional craftsmanship and are also made of high-grade materials. Additionally, they are stylish and super durable. And since they are designer eyewear, everybody wants to have a pair, thus resulting in a high price range.

How much are real Cartier glasses?

Cartier glasses come at different prices, so it will all depend on the collection, style, and model that you want to buy. The prices can range anywhere between $500 and $6,000.

What is so special about Cartier glasses?

Cartier glasses are crafted from quality materials that add to their durability. In addition to this, most of the glasses are accented with precious gems and metals, making them even more aesthetic.

Are Cartier glasses customizable?

Cartier gives you the option of choosing a custom lens, so you can go for the option that best suits you.

Is Cartier a luxury brand?

Cartier is known for the design and manufacturer of luxurious products. The manufacturer combines style and quality to give you a unique collection of merchandise that will give you a sense of style.

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