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10 Cool Wedding Trends for 2021

Since the pandemic of 2020, trends for virtually every social event and every other aspect of our lives have changed dramatically. One of the events that has taken the biggest hit is weddings.

As many people were unable to fulfill their plan of getting married in 2020, they often had to improvise and come up with a brand new plan for 2021 (or whenever it was safe for people to gather once again). But with the pandemic, many people gained a new understanding that we don’t need too much to be happy. That’s why wedding trends have changed a lot over the past year, and it looks like these more minimalist and modern trends are here to stay for a while. In this article, we’ve compiled the top 10 wedding trends of 2021 for you to come up with your dream wedding.

  1. Paperless everything

Eco-friendly is the way to go in 2021. When you think about all the waste produced by weddings, you’ll want to cut down wherever possible. Why not go paperless? This way, you can have electronic invitations, too. A great way to keep everything organized is through a website. Check out some wedding website templates to feel more motivated to go paperless.

  1. Colorful palette

Out with the boring colors and in with a fun color palette. For your wedding this year, why not bring in some color? It could be anything from the floral arrangements to the bride’s or groom’s outfits as well.

  1. Adaptable clothes

The trend of having uncomfortable wedding attire is slowly leaving and being replaced with adaptable, comfortable clothes. For example, some brides may not want to have a dress that they’ll only wear once in their lives, or they might choose to go with more comfortable shoes (even sneakers!).

  1. Do it yourself

One of the most common ways people have taken to their own talents was when it came to hair and makeup. Since many salons were forced to close down, women had to improvise somehow.

Plus, it’s no secret for anyone that hair and makeup for a wedding- especially for the bride- can be extremely expensive. That’s why many women have opted to do their hair and makeup themselves. And they’re choosing to go with more minimalist styles, too.

Another way DIY has become a trend was through making decorations. Some couples who have an artistic side might have chosen to make their decorations themselves or style the venue on their own instead of hiring someone else to do it.

  1. Intimate weddings

Nowadays, fewer and fewer couples are opting for weddings where they have guest lists of several hundred people. And who wants that, after all? What fun is it to invite someone who’s a friend of a friend who isn’t really a friend at all to your wedding? Lots of couples now opt to invite their closest friends and family members, and those who cannot participate in person might get a Zoom or YouTube invite to watch the livestream.

  1. At-home weddings

With the pandemic, a lot of couples had to improvise in terms of where they would have their wedding. And what’s better than home? Especially if you have a gorgeous backyard, you could truly make an at-home wedding work well for you. Even if not, a nice, green backyard and some decorations are all you will need.

  1. Cool venues

Again, many people were forced to drastically change their plans as a result of the pandemic- and this included their plans regarding where to have the wedding. Although destination weddings have and will always be the trend, travel was not exactly permitted for a long time.

Now, couples are finding ideas for where they can have their wedding elsewhere. As we mentioned, some have chosen to even go with their own backyards. Other fun options include boats or even local attractions.

  1. Assigned seating

No one wants to go to a wedding to end up sitting next to someone they don’t know. Chances are, your friends will all want to sit together, as will your family members. That’s why many couples have opted for assigned seating arrangements at their weddings instead of letting guests choose where to sit. It makes the event more pleasing to everyone involved.

  1. Sequel wedding

So many couples planned their weddings for 2020 only to have the pandemic decide otherwise. In that scenario, many people ended up getting legally married when they had originally planned, but postponed the wedding to when it was safe for people to gather. These sequel weddings are a common trend throughout 2021.

  1. Fun menus

Who says you have to stick to a traditional wedding menu? Many couples are getting creative and choosing foods that they enjoy for the menu. Some popular options nowadays include dessert tables and even food trucks.

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