5 Reasons Why Chinese Casino Games Are Popular Worldwide

In the past 5 years, there has been a significant increase in the number of online casinos based on Chinese themes. This is because these types of games have become extremely popular worldwide.

This is why more and more players are looking to play them online for fun or money. As a result, several websites such as sexybaccarat and dafabet have begun offering a large selection of this kind of game. But what exactly makes this casino theme so popular among players from different parts of the world? Continue reading this article to find out 5 reasons why Chinese casino games are popular worldwide!

1.   Simplicity and pleasure

In general, most gambling sites offer very simple slot machines that feature Chinese characters as opposed to traditional European-style slots featuring symbols such as 7s and BARs.  Because they are very easy to understand, even new players will feel at ease.

These games are not only simple but also highly entertaining and often colorful. Not only that, because they are based on popular Chinese culture, you can actually learn something about the country while playing!

2.   Huge bonuses

Most casinos offer excellent signup bonuses to incentivize players to join their site. However, even though these sites are often based in Asia or Europe, they are offering their services worldwide. Even more importantly, many of them don’t require your real name or credit card number at all!

3.   More Games

Unfortunately, mainstream casinos do not offer this kind of game and if they do, usually there’s nothing more than a couple of them. On the contrary, websites offering online slots with 5 reels and 3 rows or 5×3 offer an incredible variety of Chinese-themed slot machines including titles such as China Mystery, The Great Ming Empire, Pandamania.

4.   Betting Stakes

It is common for 5×3 slot machines to have lower pay lines and coin values, allowing players with less money to bet a higher number of coins. This can be advantageous compared to mainstream 5-reel games where the minimum coin value is usually 0.01 credits.

5.   The Reel Power Spin Feature

5×3 slots have a unique feature called The Reel Power Spin. This function increases the winning multiplier every time you land 3 identical symbols on reels 2, 3, and 4 (the middle reel does not contribute you this bonus). You can keep landing consecutive wins as long as no other symbols interrupt your sequence! Of course, if you’re lucky enough to get 5 “Y Yang” logos consecutively you get 5 times the winning multiplier, which can increase your winnings quite a bit.


Chinese casino games, which were formerly restricted to the more intimate gambling dens of Asia, have seen a surge in popularity in the last few years. Gaming establishments across the country now stock them.

Chinese high rollers were the original target audience for casinos who began offering these types of games. They’re now available to the general public, however.

As China’s economy continues to grow and there are no legal options for Chinese citizens to gamble at home, casino games in China will only grow in popularity over the next few years. Online and land-based casinos alike should increasingly feature games inspired by Asian cultures.

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