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5 reasons why taking a dhow cruise is a must-do in Dubai

Dubai is a city that is always evolving. With new attractions and innovations popping up, it can be tough to keep up with what’s hot in this Emirate. If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience in Dubai, then a dhow cruise should be at the top of your list. Here are 5 reasons why taking a dhow cruise is a must-do in Dubai. 

  1. Take in stunning views of Dubai from the water: 

Going for a Dubai Creek Cruise offers many incredible opportunities to explore and appreciate the city’s beauty. One of these opportunities is taking in the stunning views of Dubai from the water. Imagine gliding along the calm waters of Dubai’s iconic canals and waterways, with spectacular sights peeking out from every corner. 

Enjoy mesmerizing sightlines that travel through the heart of historical buildings, modern infrastructure, and towering skyscrapers; you’re sure to be amazed at how stunningly picturesque everything looks from a dhow cruise. Add in unbeatable photo ops galore as a bonus, and it’s worth every minute on board for such a beautiful experience. 

From buzzing cityscapes and sandy shorelines to sunsets over ancient architecture, be ready to capture all of its splendor in vivid detail when you embark on a dhow cruise.

  1. Learn about Dubai’s culture and history: 

Besides the breathtaking views, Dubai’s Dhow cruises offer unique glimpses of the city’s history and culture. Historians will appreciate the elaborate pastiche of architectural influence from across the region – from modern skyscrapers to historical monuments – visible along the port. Cruise captains can share anecdotes about some of these sites, adding their touches of color along the way. 

Furthermore, artifacts aboard many Dhows, such as traditional wooden furnishings and ancient navigation equipment, provide a time-honored glimpse into local shipbuilding traditions and seafaring knowledge. 

Travelers also have an opportunity to learn about maritime culture. Like watching fishermen skillfully maneuvering their vessels around floating markers or stopping by popular marketplaces where merchants trade exotic seafood or spices. 

A Dhow cruise provides a valuable opportunity to learn about Dubai’s rich history and culture while simultaneously taking in its beautiful skyline, perfect for making memories sure to last a lifetime.  It is no wonder why so many people are flocking for the Dhow cruise Dubai experience.

  1. Enjoy delicious food and drinks: 

Enjoying a delicious meal or your favorite drink while cruising around the stunning shores of Dubai is an experience like no other. Head out to sea aboard a traditional dhow cruise, and you’ll be treated to a fantastic combination of breathtaking views and scrumptious cuisine. 

The delectable spread onboard includes all local favorites, including slow-cooked lamb curries, smoky seafood dishes, crisp vegetables, and flavorful spices. If you’re searching for something cold, cool drinks are available, too, providing the perfect accompaniment to the twilight sky full of mesmerizing stars. 

With so much variety, you can easily make your night extra special as you dine with friends and family in a floating restaurant in the middle of Dubai’s crystalline waters.  

  • 4.Experience traditional Arabic entertainment: 

From delicious feasts to incredible sunsets and romantic nights, there are countless reasons why a Dhow cruise in Dubai should be at the top of your travel bucket list. But there’s one experience you won’t miss out on, traditional Arabic entertainment that submerges you in the culture of this unique destination. 

When sailing down the lake or canal during sunset, passengers will be treated to an array of magical performances, including a live band singing mesmerizing Arabic tunes, a professional belly dancer performing traditional folklore music, and storytellers telling tales from distant lands. 

These experiences provide a fascinating insight into Dubai’s traditional customs and will make unforgettable memories for all involved. If you’ve ever wanted to live like Aladdin for a night and experience something deeply authentic, then the fourth reason to go for Dhow cruise Dubai is an absolute must.

  1. Relax on deck under the stars:

There’s nothing quite like a night out in Dubai! For the ultimate romantic getaway or just an evening of relaxation and luxury, what better way than to go for a Dhow cruise with its stunning backdrop of stars stretching overhead? 

After dinner, visitors can marvel at the endless blanket of twinkling stars as they relax on deck. Here, there are no man-made distractions to spoil the natural beauty, just the tranquility of the ocean and sky. 

Take your pick from a selection of cushions to recline upon before settling into a comfortable space and enjoying some soft music as you drift off beneath the stars. What could be better? Make sure to book soon, so you don’t miss out on this wonderful experience. A night underneath the stars has never been so inviting.

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