5 Safety Tips to Remember When Your Electricity is Out

It’s scary to think about, but a power outage at home can make life pretty miserable—especially if you’re dependent on electricity for things like water, heat, and appliances. That’s why you should be prepared with a plan to get through any emergency. Whether you live in an area where blackouts are common or you’re planning for a worst-case scenario emergency, this guide will walk you through tips to prepare your home for an extended period without power.

Take out your emergency supply of flashlights

When the power goes out, your home becomes dark. Darkness can be dangerous, so having a flashlight will help you to see in the dark. Flashlights are inexpensive and easy-to-use tools to have at home as part of your emergency preparedness kit. There’s nothing like a power failure in the middle of a storm or an ice storm to make you realize how important it is to be prepared with emergency lighting.

Unplug all your electrical appliances

Do not forget to unplug all your electrical appliances at home when there is a power outage. This will help prevent any further damage to the appliance and any additional hazards (fire, electrical shock) when you cannot use it.

Stay away from a downed power line

Always assume that a downed power line is live. Warn your family to stay away from downed power lines and anything near it. The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) recommends that you should keep a safe distance—that is at least 35 feet away—from downed utility wires. Be sure to call 9-1-1 to report downed power lines near you.

Practice generator safety

Having a generator at home during a power outage can be an important factor. Without the generator, you might not be able to use your existing appliances and possibly lose your food supply. You are highly advised to purchase a portable generator to ensure that you can keep usage of essential things going.

Be sure to practice generator safety in your home. Have a licensed electrician install it for you and evaluate its proper usage. Remember to run the generator outside your house—never inside your garage or basement.

Call your utility company to report power outages

Power failures can cause a variety of problems in your home. You may think that nothing has happened, and the outage was so brief that it can’t be blamed on your appliances. However, the longer a problem goes unchecked, the more likely issues escalate in your home and appliances. Report power outages to your utility company so that someone can get to work on restoring power to your home before you are stuck in the darkness. You also have the power to choose alternative providers and make better choices for energy suppliers.

Invest in a professional electrical repair

The best way to avoid dangerous power outages in your home is to invest in professional routine electrical system maintenance and repair. This way, you can easily detect potential issues in the system and get them fixed right away. Find a reputable electrical company you can partner with in your local area today. Book a service now!

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