The 4 Best Active Pastimes for Seniors

Staying active and socially engaged can be a challenge at any age. While your retirement years may be the time when you are supposed to relax, it is all the more critical to your health and well-being that you continue to stay active – one of the key factors that will determine whether you make a smooth transition to retirement living.

Living in an Active Adult Community

One of the best parts about active adult living communities is that they encourage continual social and active leisure time. Rather than making physical activity a chore that you need to worry about incorporating into your normal daily routine, your physical fitness will become something that you partake in during the everyday social activities that you enjoy.

An active adult community provides a maintenance-free environment to live for those who are 55 years or older. They are situated in areas that offer many options for active leisure such as golf, tennis, cycling and hiking. They also tend to attract like-minded people who enjoy engaging in organized activities together.

The Benefits of Staying Active

It is well-documented that daily physical activity is one of the keys to good health for seniors. That’s why living around opportunities to enjoy shared physical fitness is so important to retirement living. If you’re looking for ways to add more physical fitness into your daily routine, here are a few of the best options you can try:

Walking in Nature

If you’re used to fast-paced exercise, then you might overlook the simple activity of walking as a way to get continual exercise. If that is the case, you should rethink your position because walking is one of the best options for seniors.

Not only is walking an ideal way to promote cardiovascular fitness, but it also provides an opportunity to socialize with a partner or group in the process. Unlike running, walking will not cause damage to your joints through impact.


Seniors yoga classes is an excellent way to promote both physical and mental well-being. Because it involves regular stretching of muscles, yoga helps prevent the loss of muscle mass in seniors. Even those who experience mobility issues can usually partake in chair yoga.

Dumbbell Strength Training

Using free weights can be daunting for seniors because it isn’t uncommon for those who overdo their workout to get injuries. However, if used properly and taken lightly, dumbbells can provide an excellent way to maintain muscle mass, which is vital as we get older.

By creating good exercise routines, you will improve your metabolism, reduce risk of injury and maintain a healthy cardio vascular system! And the leafy walkways in retirement areas like the Niagara Region make walking and exercise a pleasure.

Water Aerobics

It isn’t surprising why water aerobics have been so popular among seniors for so long. Doing aerobic in the water provides you with the perfect combination of weight resistance and slow movement to help prevent injury. The buoyancy of a swimming pool will also help put less stress on joints, which is excellent for those living with arthritic or other forms of joint pain.

When it comes to finding fun ways to get your exercise as a senior, the possibilities are vast. The main thing to remember is that when you live in a place that encourages physical health and socialization, you’re much more likely to actually fit these things into your life. Choose an active adult lifestyle community when you retire to ensure you live your golden years to their fullest.

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