Yorkie Poo Dog Breed: Everything You Need To Know

A full-grown Yorkie poo is one of the minor types of dogs you will find in the world. Some Yorkie poo breeds are so tiny that they can even fit inside a teacup. Therefore, the smallest members of the Yorkie poodle mix are also known as teacup Yorkie poo dogs. You can also call them Teacup poodles, mini Yorkie poo, and Yorkies.

The Yorkiepoo is a unique breed mix of a purebred Yorkshire terrier and a miniature poodle. You will notice that the parents of the Yorkie poo puppies are the most popular dog breeds, especially in the United States.

The Yorkshire terrier is a small and energetic dog from northern England. They have a very long coat of graceful dark or brown hair. On the other hand, a poodle is a proficient and intelligent dog from Germany or France. They have long tufts of water-resistant curly hair on their bodies. Therefore, when you join them, you get the Yorkiepoo dog. Hence, a Yorkipoo puppy is a very affectionate and energetic mix. Yorkipoo dog is also known as Yorkie Poo, Yorkipoo, Yorkapoo, or Yorkadoodle.

Yorkie Poo Breeds Dog Appearance


The Yorkie poo is present in a variety of different colours. For example, the most popular Yorkie poo is black Yorkie poo, golden Yorkie poo, white Yorkie poo, and black and white Yorkie poo. You will also find Yorkie poo puppies in colours such as brown and grey. However, the most common Yorkipoo dog is the one who is brown and tan. It is because these are mirror colours of the Yorkshire Terrier dog.

Miniature Yorkie Poo Size

A Yorkie poo has quite a wide range of sizes. They can have a height from 15cm to 30cm (4 inches to 14 inches). Also, their weight can vary. They can weigh from 1.5kg (6lbs) to 3.5kg (15lbs). Moreover, you should know that Yorkie poo puppies can grow their height until they reach four.

Yorkie Poo Temperament

The Yorkipoo dog is lively, friendly, loyal, and fun-loving. Also, they enjoy the company of people. If you want a faithful companion dog who enjoys contributing to your family activities, teacup Yorkie poo is perfect for you. A miniature Yorkie poo is confident because of the terrier heritage. Moreover, they are easy-going dogs who are less demanding than other small dog breeds. A Yorkipoo puppy also enjoys discovering new things on his own.

However, many factors affect the Yorkie Poo Temperament. For example, heredity, training, and socialisation are some factors that play vital roles in the Yorkie Poo Temperament. You need to pick a Yorkipoo dog who has friendly temperaments. For example, find a Yorkipoo puppy who is curious, playful, and willing to come to people.

Moreover, a Yorkie poo temperament is lovely when there is early socialisation. A yorkiepoo must experience the love of different people, sights, and sounds when they’re young.

Yorkie Poo Common Health Issues

All kinds of yorkiepoo, whether it’s a black Yorkie poo, golden Yorkie poo, white Yorkie poo, or a black and white Yorkie poo, all come from two different breeds. Therefore, their genetics vary. Moreover, members of the same family may inherit various genetic health vulnerabilities.

Therefore, it is a little difficult to guess which health problems will emerge in your mini Yorkie poo. Some of the famous health problems that you may see in miniature Yorkie poo are as below:

  • Cancer
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Bone and Joint Disorders
  • Ear Infections

Yorkie Poo Grooming And Maintenance

You should know that teacup Yorkie poo is a breed of dog that barely sheds. It is a property that makes it a perfect choice for a person who is allergic to the hairs of a dog. However, you can’t neglect Yorkie Poo Grooming. Every Yorkie poo needs frequent brushes daily to avoid matting and tangling in its fur.

Also, it would be best if you trimmed their hair present around their eyes and mouth. Otherwise, the hair around the eyes and mouth will obscure its face. Moreover, you can give your Yorkie poo a fancy hairstyle if you want to. However, don’t try to do experiments on your own. It would be best to go to a professional groomer for fancy or straightforward cutting.

Although a Yorkipoo dog keeps itself clean, you don’t need to give baths until your Yorkie poodle mix becomes too dirty. However, you need to know that you need to trim the nails. When Yorkie poo puppies have long nails and start clicking on the floor, you should know it is time for cutting. Moreover, you have to brush almost daily. Brushing is vital to avoid diseases and bad breath.

Highlights Of A Yorkie Poo

Here are some highlights of a yorkiepoo:

  • A yorkiepoo is an active and energetic dog
  • They need daily exercise; therefore, you need to take them on a good walk or romp them in the yard.
  • Their favorite pastime is barking.
  • He is a low-shedder; therefore, a Yorkipoo dog can make a perfect companion for people with allergies.
  • If you want to keep his fine, silky coat free of tangles and mats, you need to brush him daily.
  • Therefore, they are loving and gentle, a perfect match for older people.
  • Yorkie poodle mix is trainable if you provide positive reinforcement. However, he may get a stubborn streak.
  • The Yorkie poodle mix lives happily in an apartment or home.
  • He plays well along with other dogs and pets.
  • When the Yorkie poodle mix becomes a part of your family, you can’t leave them alone for long periods at a time. If you do, they can suffer through anxiety.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Yorkipoo Dog

Some of the pros and cons of Yorkie poo are as below:


  • They are friendly and affectionate
  • A Yorkie poo enjoys the companionship of people.
  • They are intelligent
  • There is minimal Shedding


  • There is a need for frequent Yorkie poo grooming
  • It would be best if you did their daily brushings.
  • They bark a lot
  • A Yorkie poo dog might be easily injured and requires cautious handling.
  • Yorkie poo cost may vary depending on bloodline, quality, colors, age, breeder, etc.

Are Yorkiepoo Good Family Pets?

A Yorkie poo can bloom in a family’s surroundings. They love to take plenty of attention and enjoy being around humans. Therefore, they will become one of your family members in no time.

Furthermore, Yorkie poo puppies go well with children. It is because they are gentle and appreciate a little playtime. However, older kids will be a better fit as they need to be correctly taken care of because of their size.


If you’re searching for a loving and full of energy dog, Yorkie poo breeds dog is the perfect choice for you.  A Yorkie poo is intelligent and friendly. They are present in different colors. For example, you can put a black Yorkie poo or a golden Yorkie poo.  There is also a white Yorkie poo and black and white Yorkie poo who look adorable. Also, if you decide to pet a Yorkie poo, you need to be sure that you are ideally taking care of them. They need frequent grooming and attention to be happy and in shape.

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