5 Sewing Supplies for Beginners

5 Sewing Supplies for Beginners

With people stuck home during quarantine and more time on their hands now more than ever, many people picked up new skills and hobbies. Some people discovered they had talents they did not know they had. Many of the hobbies that people picked up during the quarantine were sewing, quilting, painting, and doing home improvements.

Must-Have Products For Your New Sewing Hobby

When picking up a new hobby, there are some basic items that a new hobbyist should purchase to make their experience more pleasurable. Before investing in too many products initially, focus on the preliminary items that are needed for the craft.

Online vendors like Love Sew, have several products that are great for the sewing beginner. Add these items to your sewing kit now and see how these items will help you with the process. As you grow your hobby and your love for the craft, then you should use your resources to acquire more items that will improve your sewing experience.

Magnetic Pin Cushion

While you are sewing, you do not want to drop pins around your workspace. They could fall into your chair or carpet if not managed correctly. You do not want to find missing pins by stepping on them one day. Take control of your stash of pins by using a magnetic pin cushion.

Fold Away Cutting

When you are working with tools like fabric scissors or a rotary cutter, you need to be aware these sharp tools could ruin your working surface. Protect your tabletop or desk by working on a fold-away cutting board. These boards are thick and made to take sharp objects. In addition, a fold-away cutting board will also show measurements and grid marks.

Rotary Cutter

A rotary cutter is a device that will allow you to cut curves with better precision than using scissors. The rotary cutter is a handheld wheel cutter. To cut the fabric, you will have it laid out flat and will glide the rotary cutter on your cut lines. These cutters come in various sizes. Select the right size for your project.

Tape Measurer

As you are working on projects, you will need to measure fabrics for your design. If you are working with a design, you will need precise measurements. Eyeballing the measurements will not fair well. Make sure you have a fabric tape measurer in your sewing kit. It is advised to measure things twice before pulling out the fabric scissors to cut the fabric.

Fabric Scissors

Not all scissors are made the same. The scissors used in the office are designed to cut paper. The scissors for the kitchen are intended to cut food. When starting a SewingTablesBySara.com hobby, having a set of Fabric Scissors is key. Fabric scissors are designed to cut through various types of fabric. These scissors are extra sharp, so be careful.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you have not previously sewn, you may find sewing harder than you anticipated. Not everyone is going to hit a home run on their first attempt at sewing. When selecting the first item you want to create, choose something simple that does not involve advanced technical skills. It will increase your chances of successfully creating this first item and will get you excited about the next project. Many people will lean towards making a throw pillow or tote bag on their first project attempt. These items are easier to make because of the design’s straight lines.

As you build up your sewing skill set, challenge yourself by moving onto trickier projects like a shirt, dress, or pants. As you work on various projects, you will see your sewing skill set evolve.

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