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5 Signs of Elder Exploitation That You Should Never Ignore

Do you have an elderly parent or grandparent? If so, then you understand that getting old isn’t easy.

After all, the number of physical and mental issues will continue to increase each year. This can be especially difficult to deal with once an elderly person reaches a particular age and can longer take care of themselves or speak out for themselves.

Unfortunately, many elderly people also experience elder abuse. That’s why it’s so important to learn as much as possible about a phenomenon called elder exploitation.

This article takes a look at signs of elder abuse that should never be ignored and when to contact an elder law attorney. Keep reading to get the inside scoop.

1. Unexpected Changes In Behavior

Let’s start with changes in behavior. After all, abuse can cause sudden and unexplained behavioral changes that will seem very out of the ordinary.

Why do changes in behavior happen? This is typically the result of a loved one being ignored, humiliated, psychologically tormented, or isolated.

Thus it’s important to visit your loved one as often as possible and to pay close attention to subtle changes in behavior. And never dismiss the changes as part of getting older. Because they could actually be suffering in silence and be afraid to mention the abuse they are experiencing from caregivers or other people in their life.

2. Unexplained Injuries

You might also notice mysterious or unexplained injuries. These injuries might include cuts and bruises, head injuries, and even broken bones that have occurred for no apparent reason.

Unexplained injuries often occur due to inattention after a fall or are intentionally inflicted by caregivers or other residents at their retirement facility.

It’s important to stop this type of abuse as quickly as possible to make sure your loved one receives prompt medical care.

3. Malnourishment

Many elderly citizens also suffer from malnourishment or dehydration. This can occur for a number of reasons but needs to be addressed so that you understand why they aren’t getting the proper care they deserve.

If you suspect elder abuse be sure to check out this website.

4. Poor Hygiene

As people get older, it can become more difficult to take care of themselves. After all, they aren’t as physically capable of doing simple tasks such as bathing or brushing their teeth. These tasks are part of a daily routine that most of us take for granted.

When your loved one’s hygiene isn’t maintained, it’s time to start asking serious questions about the quality of their care.

5. Missing Personal Items and Money

This is a very common and serious issue with elderly care. After all, the elderly tend to be placed in vulnerable situations where they are dependent on the help of strangers. Thus money and possessions can be easily stolen without their knowledge.

A Guide to Understanding Elder Exploitation and What to Do About It

Discovering that an elderly loved one is experiencing abuse can be stressful and heartbreaking. Fortunately, this guide to understanding the signs of elder exploitation will help you identify and stop the problem before it’s too late.

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