Can dogs swim in salt water pools?

Can dogs swim in salt water pools?

Dogs love water and to swim in it. On a hot summer day, playing in the swimming pool water gives refreshment to both of you and your beloved pet. But before letting your pet go into the water, there is some precaution you should follow. While thinking about the precaution a common question can arise in your mind.

Can dogs swim in salt water pools or not?? The answer is yes!! Dogs can swim comfortably in the saltwater pool because of the low salt level than the ocean.

What is a saltwater pool?

Saltwater pool refers to those pools where the pool owner uses salt instead of chlorine to clean the pool. It is a better option if you want to live an eco-friendly life. Rather than using the chemical chlorine, putting salt makes the swimming pool safer for your puppy. Again, the saltwater swimming pool is also super easy to maintain.

Though you are inserting salt into the pool, there is no need to worry about it. The taste is not going to like the ocean. Moreover, the saltwater pool contains only 3,200 parts per million of salt content. On the other hand, the ocean has approximately 35,000 ppm of salt content.

How to keep the dog safe in a saltwater swimming pool?

Saltwater swimming pools are safe for your dog. Still, there are some facts which you have to consider during and after your pet’s swimming time.

Do not allow the pet to drink saltwater

Swimming and drinking are different things. It applies to both the ocean water and saltwater swimming pool. The swimming pool contains less amount of salt than the ocean. If your puppy drinks a large amount of pool water, he can fall sick.  Your pet can suffer from some unwanted diarrhea, and other water diseases. It is better to train the dog from the beginning not to drink the saltwater swimming pool.

Wash off your dog after swimming in the saltwater

You have to clean and wash off your pet after enjoying swimming in the saltwater. Saltwater has some beneficial points. But this turns into a skin disease if the water remains on the dog’s skin for a long time. They can suffer from irritation, and their furs can also get damaged.

You can wash your pet with warm water also. Warm waters can help to get rid of the saltwater fast. You can also apply a natural shampoo of high quality to wash your puppy.

Drying up

Washing is the best option for your dog to get rid of the saltwater. But most of the time, it is not possible for you to track your dog whenever they entered the water. And even if you catch them coming out from the water twice or thrice a day, washing becomes a little hard option. On the other hand, saltwater will make their skin harder that will cause skin irritation.

In this situation, you can keep your pet away from the sun for drying up faster. One way is to fix their bed with a parasol to keep them in the shade.

No prior washing

Just like the human, dogs also produce natural oil in their skin. It helps them to fight with different situations. If you wash them before swimming, the natural oil will disappear. It will let the saltwater enter into the dog’s skin and create irritation. So, it is better to wash them off after swimming, not before. Moreover, over washing will create problems anyway.

Saltwater v/s chlorine: which one is better for the dogs?

For containing a low amount of salt, saltwater is safe for dogs. But the saltwater chlorinator system ultimately breaks down the salt into chlorine. So, the swimming pool eventually produces free chlorine in a certain way, and your dog has to swim in it.

But the main difference is in the chlorine application way of the saltwater pool v/s the chlorine pool. Saltwater swimming pool naturally produces chlorine at a low level. On the other hand, in the chlorinated pool, you have to add the chlorine tablet. In this sense, saltwater pools are better than chlorinated pools.

But researcher finds in the studies that both saltwater and chlorine are safe to use on the pool at a low level. Chlorine can irritate the eyes and ears of the human also. But if the swimming pool is maintained, then there is no scope for such issues.

Swimming pools are a place to have fun. On a hot summer day, your pet can cool them off by jumping into the swimming pool and playing with the ramps. And the above-ground pool dog ramp can certainly make your pet’s afternoon more enjoyable. So, proper maintenance is a must to long-term enjoy in the swimming pool. If you are confused about the saltwater, go through our article.

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