Social Media Marketing with Memes

Social Media Marketing with Memes – The do’s and don’ts

Today, memes have become an inseparable part of our online space. The moment you log into your social media accounts, you will find a meme. Memes usually humor and entertain us. Most of us have laughed at a meme and shares it on our timelines.

Memes today are graduating beyond the usual “laugh and move on” reaction. Brands recognize the potential of memes and are attempting to use the same as a tool to reach out to their audience. Many companies are also using memes as a medium for their online marketing strategy.

Understanding a meme

Before getting into how and where you can use a meme in marketing, it’s essential to understand a meme. Simply put, a meme can be a video, image, an image with text, or a GIF. The message it carries is usually sarcastic and humorous.

Generally, memes refer to the current happenings in pop culture so that it’s relatable for everyone. For example, you will find Game of Thrones memes on the internet widely. You will also find memes on your best football players when it’s Super Bowl time.

Benefits of memes for brand marketing

The ultimate objective of making use of memes in online marketing is to get audience attention. Memes are funny and can gain attention instantly. When a meme gets done cleverly, the brand will fetch appreciation from the consumers to think out of the box and be creative. The target audience for most memes is the youth! Hence, brands try to cater to this segment to their best.

Memes are also a kind of fast communication, and they aren’t made with the objective of holding someone’s attention for a long time. Brands that use memes can use them within a short span and deliver their marketing messages.

The essential do’s and don’ts

  • Don’t overdo a meme. Few brands go overboard in posting excess memes. It gives an impression that they are trying hard, and that can upset the customers.
  • Ensure that your memes have a link with something that your audience identifies with or knows. It could be a TV show or a famous personality.
  • Don’t depend totally on memes. Experts advise that you do not become entirely one-dimensional and rely only on memes. That way, you will risk losing out on your target audience. If you have to sustain your audience’s interest and attention, you need to provide more content and use different media to connect with them.
  • Do monitor the reactions you get on the memes you share. If the memes you share get a positive reaction and are getting shares fast, you need to follow up with memes with a similar theme. On the other hand, if the memes are garnering an adverse reaction, you need to delete the meme soon and shift the attention to something else.
  • Ensure that your memes are simple! The ultimate objective of a meme is to pass on the core message fast and effectively. Hence, people and your audience must understand your memes easily.

Memes have become a conversation starter and a brand communication tool. These are some essential factors that you need to remember about using memes in social media. See Meme Scout find something suitable for your requirements.

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