Customer Service at Your Restaurant

5 Ways to Deliver Excellent Customer Service at Your Restaurant

Customer service should be your priority if you own a restaurant. These are five ways you can deliver excellent customer service at your restaurant:

1. Go Above and Beyond

The most important way to give excellent customer service is to go above and beyond for your customers at all times. Going above and beyond means doing everything you can to add a little extra to each person’s experience. It might mean making someone’s plate extra beautiful with garnishments. It might mean allowing a client to enjoy an amazing discount. When you go above and beyond, you constantly think of ways to put a smile on your clients’ faces.

2. Check on Your Clients

Another way you can provide excellent customer service is by following up with your customers after giving them their meals. It’s a simple tactic that you can teach all of your servers to do when they assist people. Have them stop by each customer’s table within the first five minutes after serving the food to see if they are happy with their meals. Tell them to do what they can to resolve the situation if a customer isn’t happy.

3. Make Ordering Food Easy

You can also benefit your customers by making their food ordering experience pleasant. The kiosk will save time for your customers, and it will give your servers a chance to reorganize themselves in between customers. Thus, it might be highly beneficial to your organization.

4. Respond to Feedback

It’s always important to collect feedback because the customer’s input can help you mold your business processes. You can involve your clients in taking surveys or commenting on social media about their experiences. You can then use the information you receive from the feedback to change some of your business processes to enhance their experiences. You may have to provide your servers with some extra training so that they know how to request customer surveys. You’ll have the ability to appease your clients once you know their thoughts and which menu items or processes they feel need improvement.

5. Handle Disputes Honorably

You can never please everyone, no matter how much an amazing restaurant you run. Therefore, you will come across times when a customer will express discontent. The key to providing excellent customer service here is to listen to the customer well and handle disputes accordingly.

Don’t refuse to provide refunds or remakes if a client is unhappy with a meal, for example. You should also ensure that your attitude stays positive, even when a client gives you a hard time. Then, you might be able to turn that person around and brighten his or her day.

Now you know five amazing ways to deliver excellent customer service at your restaurant. Start implementing these practices today and grow your customer base in ways that are unbelievable.

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