5 Ways to Prevent Water Damage to your Home

Water damage is one of the most common and costliest damages that can happen to your home. Homeowners around the US are desperately trying different measures to avoid water damage.

Water is meant to be in your home but in a controlled sense. Yes, you can’t do much against flash floods and heavy rains, but you can ensure that drain pipes, sinks and basins are intact; let’s be honest- you are not home for the most part and any mishap could lead to a severe problem. 

 And we’re certain that you don’t want to come home, with your basement flooded with water, ceilings falling, and faulty technical equipment!

However, if you were to experience water damage at home, you should promptly consult water damage restoration in Texas. They’d know what to do and could save you thousands of dollars in damages and repairs. 

But first, allow us to share some tips that will help you prevent water damage in your house in the first place. 

5 Tips to Prevent Water Damage

Water damage can be disastrous, at events. The biggest risk associated with water damage isn’t even appliance damage, it’s mold. We covered another article on 5 tips to fix water damage at home. Give it a read as it might come in handy in such times. 

  • Check faucets & pipes regularly!

Your job doesn’t end with installing the best hoses and faucets at your place. In experts’ opinion, you should check the hoses (especially the ones connecting to your washing machine and dishwasher) at least annually. 

  • Check for Clogged Drains & Gutters

Clogged water in drain pipes and gutters can cause the top to rot, allowing moisture and essentially mold in your house. Albeit, people get their gutter cleansed annually, we strongly suggest you get them cleansed either monthly or quarterly!

If your home is flooded as a result of a pipe burst, gutter problems, or flash floods, promptly contact experts for water damage & flood restoration in Texas. They’re your safest bet for quick recovery and minimal loss.  

  • Install a Water Detection Device

Your house might look in the best shape it has ever been, but somewhere there could be a minor leak that you’re unaware of. If the water keeps seeping, albeit slowly, you’re in for a major problem. 

To avoid it, you can take some proactive steps and install a water detection device in your house. These devices come with a built-in alarm that goes off even if it detects nominal water at places it shouldn’t be. 

To get it installed properly, you can also take assistance from our water damage experts. Our trained professionals are available 24*7 and can get the job done efficiently and in a timely manner. 

  • Keep Water Pressure in Check

Excess water pressure can not only break your pipes but also cause problems with hoses in gauges. A generic water system that’s designed for residential buildings can sustain the pressure of up to 40-70 psi (pound-force per square inch). 

Installing a water pressure gauge ensures that the pressure isn’t too low, or too high. If it is too high, you can install a pressure regulator yourself, or consult water damage experts in Texas. 

  • Check Taps, Showers & Tubs

Checking for open taps is the bare minimum you can do to ensure no water leakage when you’re not home. Another thing you can do is ensure that the caulking (sealing) around showers and water tubs is intact. 

If not, there are chances that water will seep through them into your walls and damage the ceiling. Replacing the caulking is rather inexpensive and could literally save you thousands of dollars in the long run

Closing Words

Water issues at your home can be avoided, for the most part. Navigating through these issues might not be easy and can seem overwhelming, but you don’t have to be alone.
Quick Dri experts help you access and manage problems that might lead to water damage. We even offer the best flood restoration in Texas. 

We are here for your water problems, 24*7. 

Until next time. 


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