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5 Ways Visual Search Will Change The Way, You Market


Statistics state that an average person can recall 65% of the virtual ads they saw 3 days ago. When it comes to leaving an impact on the customer’s mind, visual content has always proved itself to be really effective.

This is the reason why more and more businesses are putting in money for creating quality visual content for attracting customers. So, it is time to get some designing software and video editing software from the pirate bay and start creating visual content.

What Is Visual Search?

Before we dig into the main topic, here is a basic idea about the visual search.

Visual search is nothing but an AI or artificial intelligence technology, which lets users conduct an online search, that too using pictures instead of keywords. Do not get confused with “Image Search.”

During “Image Search,” the user types a keyword on the search bar and then goes for the images from the search options. On the other hand, Visual search starts with a picture.

Consider Google lens, where the user uses a picture to get similar results and know more about the subject. Visual search is working great for marketing your business. Always remember that almost 90% of the information our brain receives is visual.

When we try to accurately describe something, even words can fail, but visual content leaves a deeper impact on the user’s mind. This is why in recent times, visual search has been crucial for marketing.

5 Ways Visual Search Will Change The Way, You Market

Now, you have the basic idea about visual search and why you should pay attention towards it. This is the time to know about the different ways visual search changes the way you market.

1: Raise Digital Transformation Expectations

At present, the visitors always expect to find products using images. As per Accenture research, around 69% of young shoppers always prefer to purchase anything on the basis of visual-oriented searches.

Visual searches always allow the customer to get exactly what they are actually looking for. It is five times more accurate than all those traditional text-based searches.

2: Social Influencer Optimization

In present days, the use of influencers is prevalent within the retail industry. As per Retail Diva, 91% of the retail brands are using influencers. The statistics are 83% of the beauty brands, and 84% for the activewear.

Influencers always post pictures of a particular piece they are wearing or using. Here, the user can get the product by scanning the picture of the influencer. On the other hand, the user might like the piece the influencer is wearing but also want to check similar options.

3: Rising Of Shoppable Content

Almost 10 years ago, major companies mostly invested in creating physical ads, and they could not even track their spending. With time marketers become smart and find more effective ways to increase the ROI, and using the content the right way is one of them.

Users and audiences prefer more virtuals on a piece of content. Just the way children usually get attracted to a book with more pictures, users also prefer content with quality visuals.

4: Impact On SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is more of just a thing now. Every business and company is in the online space now. When they are using the online space, they are focusing more on the SEO part.

Visuals are a must for SEO. Search engines actually give separate importance to the visuals you are adding to your website or content, as people prefer them more.

5: Provide Customers What They Did Not Know They Want

Often we are not able to tell what we actually need or want. Our brain only limits itself to the available products. We might need a better version of it, but we can not state exactly what we need. This is where they opt for visual search, as they are looking for inspiration.

So, by implementing visual search, you are actually offering the customers what they actually need, but they are unable to describe. This way, you also can build brand awareness.

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