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Sizing Youth Dirt Bike Boots for Kids Motocross Riding

Parents should know that riding dirt bikes has some basic rules; the major one is to put on the correct protective equipment.  The importance of putting on the right protective gear cannot be overemphasized. Safety is key to survival. As much as the kids enjoy riding, they must learn to practice safety measures while riding.

Many kids get injured while riding dirt bikes; it is the parent’s duty to supervise their ride and ensure their safety to prevent accidents and injuries.

In 2009, the Journal of Pediatric Orthopedics conducted a study that shows that eighty-one orthopedic surgeries were carried out on kids seventeen years or younger through seven years (2000 to 2007).

These surgeries were a result of the injuries the kids sustained in the process of riding two-wheeled motorcycles.  Out of the eighty-one surgeries performed, twenty-one of them involved movable body parts like the foot, proximal tibia, tribal shaft, and the ankle, depicting twenty-six percent of the whole surgeries performed.

It is best to use protection while riding to prevent and mitigate riding accidents, resulting in surgeries.

What Should I Use?

The Core 4 is a gadget which offers protection to riders. It features necessary safety equipment like boots, gloves, and a helmet, all of which guarantee your ultimate protection while riding.

So, if you are preparing your kid for a ride and want to protect their feet and lower legs, it is best to ditch tennis shoes and stiff sole as they are not appropriate in this case. Instead, it is best to equip them with steel-toed boots or, better still, a riding boot.

Motocross boot is another excellent protective boot for your child. It keeps your child’s calves, feet, and ankles protected. This is made possible via built-in protective elements that support and secure their feet if they experience a high-speed impact or bang their bar with another rider.

Dirt bike boots for youth usually have characteristics which are as follow:

  • Achilles flex zones
  • Guards for heel and Steel toe
  • Padding that absorbs shock
  • System of buckle lock
  • Arch support that can be easily removed
  • Strengthened protectors for shin plate

These safety components are the same as that of the adult version. The manufactures also give you a wide range of characteristics and price points to choose from, just like the adult model. The more features and greater quality materials used to make the boot, the greater the boot price.

How to Size Motocross Boots for Youth

For parents who want to get a dirt bike boot for their child, especially first-time buyers, it might be a little problematic. Such parents might not get the size they need until they have done some trial and error.

We advise that parents go for a boot that is one size bigger than the child’s present shoe size. They could also consult the size chart, which is made available by the manufacturer of the boot.

However, the parent must be careful not to mix up size charts. They are required to use the size chart that comes with the model and make of that boot.

Every boot manufacturer has its different sizing chart, which is peculiar to them. However, there are cases where you might not get the exact match for your kid’s boot because some manufacturers sometimes use irregular shoe sizing. In this case, the ideal thing to do is measure the length of your child’s foot and choose a boot that matches as closely as possible.

Parents should also ensure their child’s foot while they wear riding socks because riding socks is denser than casual socks. If you still cannot find a good fit for your child’s foot, you can check the adult boots – this might imply that your child is gradually transitioning from youth boots to adult boots.

Fixing Motocross Boots for Kids

If your child wears the boot for the first time, it might feel too tight for them, and they get uncomfortable. The truth is that most of these Motocross boots need to pass through a break-in phase such that your child will only get accustomed to the shoes if he/she wears the boot often round the house, after which the child can now use them on the bike when they are certified to be well fitted.

After trying the break-in period, if the shoe remains tight, the child possibly requires a bigger shoe size

The ideal dirt bike boots are the one that is comfortable and gives room for your kids to grip the footpegs and operate the controls. You can go for boot according to your budget, choosing your preferred brand and size.

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