7 Ways the Internet Can Boost Health and Wellbeing

6 Ways the Internet Can Boost Health and Wellbeing

Internet is a powerful network that has completely reformed our lives. From our livelihoods to our habits, everything has changed to reckon this great force. It has had a particularly profound impact on the wellness and health of people.

Sometimes, the consequences of the internet are less then desirable. People who have jobs on the internet tend to have a sedentary life, which leads to physical ailments that has them running to the top general physician in Lahore.

Then there is the matter of mental health and social media; a hot debate has been going on how social media is leading to more and more people suffering from anxiety and depression.

However, much like everything else, the impact has been both, good and bad, but it is reasonable to argue that the pros outweigh the cons. Unmoderated usage of anything can lead to all sorts of ramifications and thus it is not exclusive to the internet. It is important to note that internet has also greatly enabled health.

Some ways it is boosting health and wellness include:

1. Nutritional information

The world of nutrition is an ever-evolving one. New day brings new discoveries that debunk the commonly held notions. As diet serves as the fundamental principle for promoting health, hence being on top of nutritional information is very important.

Due to the obvious capitalist agenda, it is not always possible to buy into what people or even doctors are saying. Internet removes this dependence on others for nutritional information as it many times serve as an impartial source of facts.

It contains a wealth of information that informs people of what to eat and what not to eat. For example, many people are under the notion that artificially prepared foods for the babies are good for them.

However, truth of the matter is best food for babies is breast milk and homemade meals that are not processed. Made from natural ingredients in hygienic way, homemade food is the best for babies.

Likewise, for adults. Nature is the best nurturer and with the aid of the internet, it is possible to find what to eat, with just one click. Moreover, not everyone has a nutritionist or access to library and therefore they do not have access to information. Internet transcends these dependencies.

2. Helps people connect with others

Humans are social creatures, and we need contact with others to survive. Only few manage to scrape-by by being hermits. Most of us need to connect with our loved ones, but it is not always possible to share physical space with them. COVID-19 has been a painful reminder of how difficult it is to be in the same physicality.

Internet, on the other hand, has helped to reduce these distances by virtually connecting with others. Not just friends and family, internet has many support groups on which strangers can come together over their shared plight. The subsequent catharsis is beneficial for many.

Moreover, social contact is also vital for better mental health and longevity.  According to Harvard Women’s Health Watch, people with satisfying relationship with friends and family live a happier and healthier life.

As internet has been a great enabler of socially connecting with others, it serves also to then improve the wellbeing of people.

3. Resource for workouts etc.

People who exercise live a longer and healthier life but not everyone can afford a gym membership or has access to gym for that matter. Internet has been godsend in this regard. It contains thousands of free workout videos, tips, access to trainers that has allowed so many people to live a healthy life.

4. Education about different diseases

Having knowledge about common diseases, their management, promotion of health in general is very useful. It facilitates people in the timely diagnosis of their disease, gives them pertinent information that may otherwise not be provided to them by the medical staff and assists them in living a healthy life.

Moreover, it allows people to watch out for the risk factors of different diseases, be on a lookout for a worrisome symptom etc. People with family history of a particular disease are thus armed by the internet of how to control their risk factors and get themselves timely aid.

5. Enables wellness

Many mainstream websites of magazines and blogs tend to dedicate a section to wellness and health. These reputed websites keep abreast of the new discoveries being made in the research world and relay it to their readers in layman language.

Internet thus facilitates the spread of scientific information on the principles of healthy living. It helps people improve their lifestyle, allows them to eliminate the ‘bad’ things are negatively affecting their health and take up practices that are conducive to healthy living.

6. Contact with the doctors

Telehealth is a broad field that allows the patients to easily access their doctors in a virtual setting.  It is not always possible, or required, for the doctor to be physically present to assess their patient. The video or audio consultation then conducted not only is convenient and economical but also saves up on the precious time.

Internet has also allowed patients to connect to experts, globally. For example, a person in Houston can easily connect with the top general physician in Islamabad, with just one click, all thanks to the internet.

Suffice to say, the internet is boosting wellness in a multitude of ways.

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