6 Best Modems To Buy In 2021

6 Best Modems To Buy In 2021

Our lives have gotten progressively reliant upon the online world. Regardless of whether it is posting life occasions on social media, working, or learning something new, the internet is dealing with a great chunk of our life. Since we can shop and take therapy sessions online as well, it has really transformed the way we live or the need to be physically present for engagement.

To familiarize ourselves with the high speed of modern life, we need to ensure that our technical gear, particularly the internet, supplements it in a similar way. While we need to have a solid and steady internet connection, note that we may require some extra hardware like modems to ensure the best functionality. Some internet providers offer a free modem with their plans to improve the experience for you. Take me for my word here, but you need to check out Spectrum deals right away to explore some of the best internet deals in the market offering high-speed connection with an unlimited data allowance, a complimentary modem, and many more perks.

In this article, we have written down the basic components your modem should have and the best modems to purchase in 2021.

Basic factors to search for in a modem 

When purchasing a modem, check out for these basic factors:

  • A greater number of ports means better technology. So, go for a modem that has a fair number of ports if not the most. Ethernet ports can be utilized to set up a connection with various IP addresses.
  • The modem you employ for your connection should be in line with your ISP. If you are not aware of this, contact your ISP and consult.
  • Always buy a modem that offers a decent warranty period. This can help you over the long haul.
  1. Motorola MB7621 

One reason you ought to choose Motorola MB7621 is the availability of its power buttons. Motorola MB7621 stands apart the most with regard to the reasonableness and performance of the modem. The ports are named and the UI is easy to comprehend. The manual guide, further, makes it much simpler to utilize the hardware.

Motorola MB7621 offers 8 upstream and 24 downstream channels offering you sufficient speeds for heavy data activities and cloud computing. In theory, the speed of Motorola MB7621 is 1000 Mbps.

Motorola MB7621 comes with a two years warranty and is a rather affordable option. One of its downsides is that it does not support any voice features.


Because of the great reliability and super performance, Arris Surfboard SB6183 is viewed as perhaps the best modem of 2021. Its all-white body adds a trace of chic and selectiveness to the plan and is one reason for Surfboard SB6183’s high level of fame.

Arris Surfboard SB6183 offers 04 upstream and 16 downstream channels. Moreover, its upload and download speed is 131 Mbps and 686 Mbps respectively, which permits users to enjoy consistency. This modem is furnished with distinctly colored LEDs that demonstrate its operation. It does not indicate any status regarding LAN though.

Arris Surfboard SB6183 has a two-year warranty and is compatible with most internet service providers.

    3. Motorola MB8600 

At the point when internet providers are battling to offer 01 Gbps data, this modem offers 3.8 Gbps supporting DOCSIS 3.1 version, which makes it perhaps the best modem. The four GB Ethernet ports are specially planned with the goal that users can set up a link aggregation group (LAG), for this you can utilize various Ethernet links between a modem and a router to boost an internet past 1 Gbps speed. These four ports can likewise be used to support a few IP addresses on one network too, this helps particularly on the off chance that you are running a home office where you run an FTP server or host a website.

Motorola MB8600 is viewed as the ideal alternative for gamers and substantial internet clients. It has an excellent Broadcom chipset. It is compatible with most ISPs, however, when purchasing this gadget, you should check up with your internet provider for surety.

    4. Netgear Nighthawk CM1200 

Netgear Nighthawk CM1200 has everything that one looks for in a modem. It has strong hardware and incorporates the standards of DOCSIS 3.1. It has 2 upstream and 2 downstream channels that give you enough speeds to perform high data tasks.

Netgear Nighthawk CM1200 is embedded with four GB Ethernet ports permitting you to associate it to different gadgets simultaneously. You can set up 802.3ad link aggregation with it, as well. It can also assign different and unique IP addresses to all the ports allowing you to work with almost 04 distinct home networks.

It is a bit expensive relatively, but in all honesty, you will get your money’s worth. You can connect it with your phone as well for mobility. It offers a one-year warranty.

     5. Netgear CM500 

Netgear CM500 is built on two principles: value and accessibility. It can work well with most internet service providers and supports almost 300 Mbps speed that is adequate for activities like video streaming, gaming, and file sharing.

It offers 04 upstream and 16 downstream channels with 132 Mbps and 686 Mbps speeds respectively. It is a high performer modem and is compatible with almost all ISPs. It is relatively inexpensive but comes with only a one-year warranty.

     6. ASUS CM-16 

With the most trendy and sleek design, Asus CM-16 is one of the best-looking modems. It works with DOCSIS 3.1 version tech and offers 16 upstream and 04 downstream channels permitting it to deal with heavy-data activities.

The lone issue with this modem is its old-fashioned UI; due to which it is not that easy to use.

The Last Word

On the off chance that you are looking for a steady internet connection, a decent modem assumes a huge part. The modems examined in this article have been evaluated on various grounds and are viewed as the best modems of 2021. Notwithstanding, prior to purchasing any of the modems, you ought to affirm their usability with your internet provider.

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