Home Decor Trends In 2021

Home Decor Trends In 2021

Last year was a tough year for all of us. Due to the global pendemic everyone across the world was just locked down in their homes and trust me spending days and nights in a locked home was not an easy task at all. Thanks to God it’s 2021 now and it’s the right time to rejoice and do something exciting to kill the boring routine of last year. How about decorating your home once again to make it even more attractive? Home decor trends keep on changing, every year we see hundreds of new trends by interior designers. If you are also a home decor freak and love to do little changes in your house after a specific interval then great you are at the right place.

In the article below I have selected some popular home decor trends for 2021. So let’s have a look at them.

A comfortable Home: 

There is nothing above comfort. I personally believe that there is no better home decor trend than to make your home super comfortable. Now as we all are spending more time at home due to work from home, it is important to re decorate your house with a lot of comfortable and soothing items.

Comfort doesn’t mean that you need to grab a lot of comfortable furniture like sofas, beds, an easy chair, etc. but comfort also comes with color combinations and wall piants. This season try some spring colors like light blue, like orange and a beautiful pink color in your sitting room will not hurt anyone.

Try to contrast your furniture with the wall paint. Yes i know mostly people love matching color furniture with the wall paints but in 2021 try something different.

When we talk about something comfortable, there is no better thing than a sofa with the big and comfy cushions. Some sofas inspirations are shown in the pictures below.

The comfy environment of your house will make you spend more time at home. So try this latest home decor trend this year and enjoy your work at home.

Floral patterns:

A floral pattern living room has been in fashion for decades, though it disappeared in 2000’s but I guess 2021 is the right year to try this home decor trend again. Floral patterns refers to a granny style, if you are decorating your living room with floral cushions, curtains and rugs then make sure your furniture should also be according to the floral itens, i would suggest you to go for vintage furniture. Try some vintage style side tables or centre tables. In addition to that floral patterns home decor trends also involve a lot of flower decoration like floral pots and vases.

Neon Lights: 

Neon lights are trending from the past few years. And without any doubt neon lights are one of my most favourite home decor trends this year. You can get different neon lights for different areas of your house like living room, drawing room, lounge and of course bedrooms. Neon lights come in different shapes and different types. You can also order customized neon lights with your name written or with any quote. 2021 is the year of bright lights so brighten up your days with the cool color neon lights this year.

Earth tones: 

It’s official that earth tones like beige, brown, off white and white are going to rule the new year. If you have any plan of painting your home this year, then without any second thought go for earth colors. The best thing about these home decor trends is, earth colors add so much comfort to your overall home look. These colors are soothing and give you a lot of peace especially on hot summer days.

Vintage Style: 

The best thing about decorating your house in a vintage style is, it’s not going out of fashion anytime soon. Vintage style is durable and you can keep it for decades with little changes every year. The vintage style home decor includes vintage furniture like bed, side tables, easy chairs and atc. Plus you can also use vintage decoration pieces and paintings. Vintage style home decor can take you to your old childhood days, when you used to spend much of your time at your grandparents home.  In short, a vintage style is nostalgic.

Wrapping up: 

Here are some of the new and exciting ideas for interiors decorated in the interiors decorated in the “Modern” style. All of them are unique and you can surprise your family with these trending home decor ideas. 2021 is all about being super comfy in your home, so no matter what type of change you are looking at in your home make sure it’s soothing and comfortable.

How do you like to decorate your home?

Share your home decor ideas with us in the comment section below.


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