6 brands that use conversation media marketing the right way

Technology is growing in today’s world. Individuals are taking advantage of what they can through technological improvements. From the evolving ways of conversation media marketing to engaging lines and phrases, brands are setting a life example.

The internet has given birth to social media platforms. Platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat, where people from all over the world have come together. They build deep bonds despite the physical distance that separates them.

Friendship, a familial tie, or a business encounter are some of the most typical for these linkages. The last one, on the other hand, can be the most difficult to construct of all of them.

The reason behind this is that the internet algorithm is always evolving. As a result, business techniques that once succeeded may no longer produce the same results. This is why companies are frequently shadow banned and lose their online brand visibility in the process.

Some consistent marketing strategies, on the other hand, continue to bring in a pleasing amount of revenue. For companies, it is possible even more if you know how to execute the strategy correctly. The employment of visual forms of communication is a prime example of such an approach.

Unfortunately, many companies are still unaware of the value of discussion media. The way it may help a company’s brand identification. That is where Conversation comes in — an umbrella name encompassing visual forms. Like emoji marketing, brand centered avatars, GIFs, Bitmojis, and stickers that are utilised in online personal discussions or direct messages.

It is a platform dedicated to raising awareness of the aforementioned discussion media types. It makes them profitable marketing investments for a variety of firms all over the world.


Many entrepreneurs doubt the value of conversation media formats because it is still a relatively new kind of marketing that many businesses have yet to implement.

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How it is different from traditional marketing


Most brand marketers today are having a difficult time creating a significant recall value among customers. Various factors contribute to these occurrences, including:

Consumer attention spans are dwindling: after all, we can only comprehend so much data!

Misfiring digital adverts and an increase in the use of “skip ads”.

In today’s society, there are simply too many options and brands in every product area. All of these variables combined are significantly lowering the importance of traditional marketing tactics. One example is the impact of outdoor advertising. This style of advertising has become somewhat obsolete in the post covid era, when many people are forced to stay indoors.

Examples of Brands using Conversation Media

1.   Domino’s Media

Domino’s has made it possible to order pizza by sending an emoji of a pizza. They cut the time it takes to place an order down to five seconds, making the shopping procedure easier for clients.

Customers just needed to create a Domino’s account, select their favourite pizza, and then link their account to their Twitter account. The pizza emoji could then be sent to Domino’s, and your preferred pizza would be delivered. More than 500 people in the United States use the emoji ordering system in one day.

2.   Hillary Clinton

She launched Hillarymoji, a collection of over 30 emoticons, stickers, and GIFs, as part of her presidential campaign. Users could use these to express their support and share them on social media. This was a terrific method to appeal to her younger supporters’ interests while also expanding her exposure and engagement.

Emoji apps have grown increasingly popular among firms who want to create their own emojis for their devoted customers. With her own Kimoji app, Kim Kardashian was one of the first to try out this concept.

3.   WWF

The World Wildlife Fund used emojis in its endangered emoji twitter campaign to help save species from extinction. They made 17 endangered animal emojis and asked users to give 10p each time they retweeted one.

In the first month after its inception, the WWF’s campaign generated 559,000 mentions and 59,000 sign ups. For the first time, they wanted to use social media to raise funds and awareness for endangered animals. By addressing millennials with a new vernacular, they were able to reach a whole new audience.

4.   The emoji marketing campaign for Deadpool

It was stated in the run up to the release of Deadpool that the emoji ad helped the film break all box office records for an R rated film. They used only three emojis to spell out Deadpool in a clever and amusing way. Many fans were drawn to these billboard advertisements.

The emoji were successful because they altered the context in which they were used. People thought the ad was funny and cheeky since it used the smiling poo emoji, which is already one of the most popular emoji.

Examine how you may use emojis to bring fun to your marketing. Although you must be cautious in your approach, doing something unexpected can attract your audience attention

5.   McDonald’s

They employed emojis as artwork in their achievements. They created a burger and a smile out of a succession of Emojis that conveyed a tale. Emojis were employed to associate positive feelings with the brand.

This was a straightforward campaign that allowed McDonald’s to join in on the conversation. One thing which we can take from this campaign ad is that great advertising does not have to be difficult.


Lastly, If marketers want to fully understand and emotionally connect with their target audience, they must leverage emerging technologies such as conversation media as they change with their customers. Consider what kind of media will be appropriate for your brand and whether they may provide value to you. You need to choose something that showcases your brand in an effective way and at the same connects with your audience. It is very different from traditional marketing and during these days of pandemic, conversation media technique will strike a chord with your customers. Usage of this skill will be really beneficial for all the brands and small businesses in India who want to grow and create that spot.

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