Top 10 Steel Casting Foundries of The World

An essential component that is used in our daily life and which benefits us in many forms,

Steel has been of high usage for several decades.

From several infrastructures to a simple table dining set, Steel casting foundries have been a major part of industrial development.

The Process of Steel Casting:

Steel is utilised in various aspects however its true original form needs to be cast or moulded to suit our requirements.

Steel is first extracted in its original form as a raw material after which its melting properties coincide with the heating source where the exact temperature is measured in order to continue with the liquefying process.

The melted steel is then poured into the moulds of the desired choice for their formation. These moulds are later placed into cooling systems to be cooled down and solidified.

This whole process is also known as the Steel “Foundry” system which takes place in large scale steel foundry industries with the necessitated equipment to produce bulk quantities of Casted Steel.

Another method uses to cast steel is more specifically known as the investment casting process which is a low wax, a cost-efficient procedure that is also one of the oldest techniques to cast steel involving an investment compound which is later baked and hardened to take shape of the mould and then the final product can be listed for sale and purchase

The use of Investment Casting is much suited for specific intricate types of Steel Castings which require precision such as valves, nobs etc. The output of Investment Casting yields sustainability but providing with energy-efficient Steel Castings.

Top 10 Steel Casting Foundries of The World:

The following list of the Top Ten Steel Casting Foundries not only utilises various Casting generations but also produce a large volume of Casted Steel for sale worldwide which makes them part of this list.

The prime source of Casted Steel originates primarily via East Asia which mainly include China as one of the top markets for Steel Casting Foundries to exist which is also one of the lead export and wholesale providers of Steel manufactured commodities.

1. China Baowu Steel Casting Foundry

Formed in 1978, the China Baowu Group is one of the Top leading Steel Casting Foundry to exist which has its headquarters situated in Shanghai China. Its yearly earning revenue as

well as production, exceeds the total volume and output of any other Steel Foundry.

The consistency in their work has led to a huge demand for casted steel commodities throughout the world.

Its subsidiaries include BAOSHAN Iron and Steel Corporation which is part of their share network as well

The Baowu group is a state-owned firm with ample resources and facilities readily available for the Steel casting and moulding procedure creating a matrix of well lead managers and raw material suppliers for a generous worldwide output or steel-based products.

2. ArcelorMittal Steel Casting Foundry

ArcelorMittal is a Luxembourg based Steel and Mining group, making it the next leading Steel Casting Foundry developing steel-based equipment with its in-house raw materials as they are promptly mined depending on the prerequisite requirement of casting production.

It has several subsidiaries throughout the world including South Africa, Brazil, Spain Regions etc.

3. Jiangsu Shagang

It is one of the largest private Steel Enterprises to exist in China and a top ranker of the world as well for Steel Casting.

4. Nippon Steel Corporation

It produces Steel considerably of the same amount as of Jiangsu however this Steel Corporation From Japan has consistently been making its effort to reach the same level of output as Shagang but still has been doing considerably well in the East Asian Steel Market thus making it to the top 10 list

5. POSCO Steel Casting Company

It is one of the only South Korean Steel Group to make the top tier list for Steel Casting. With its headquarters in Pohang, POSCO has been one of the largest crude steel producers of previous years and has a notable Steel Casting Foundry in East Asia as well as the world.

6. Ansteel Steel Casting Foundry

Ansteel is a limited corporation with state-owned assets and resources utilised by the company for its Steel castings.

It is situated in Anshan, China and is also one of the oldest Steel Group and Steel investment Casting Foundry which has been efficiently generating output since 1916.

7. Shougang Steel Casting Foundry

Beijing based Steel corporation, Shougang is a Chinese state-owned steel company in Shijingshan district.

8. Shandong Steel Group

With several subsidiaries and its headquarters in Jinan, This steel group is also a Chinese based Steel company.

9. Delong Steel Group

It is a Singaporean based Steel company part of Delong Steel Projects Singapore with state ownership including Delong Holdings.

10. Angang Steel Company

This Steel group is parented by Anshan Iron and Steel Group. It is a joint-stock plus limited steel company production from China.

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