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In the digital and social media era, having an online presence is essential to be found by users. Creating a website is the first step; however, to stand out from competitors, you need to offer relevant, specialized, and always up-to-date content. And this is equivalent to starting a blog!

The blog is where you can advertise your products or services, talk about the latest news and strengthen the relationship with your customers. But not only that: your posts can help your buyer personas, you can provide them with advice and clarifications or let them understand what they need, and consequently, better target them within the buyer’s journey you have built for them. You can also check this content to know how blogging helps businesses when they implement SEO properly.

The first can also be well written and well-edited, but it does not follow precise rules. The second focuses on optimizing and personalizing content, making the writing relevant to the topic and users’ needs by giving valuable and concrete answers.


Follow the below rules to have a good SEO ranking in a small interval of time.

  •       Optimize images with image alt text-Images within a text are as important as the text itself. To allow the search engine to read the image more efficiently, it is essential to enter the description of the figure itself through an alternative language, the image alt text. And, more importantly, it allows images to rank on Google’s image results page.
  •       Insert internal and external links-Internal links to other pages or articles on your website help you, on the one hand, to keep users on your website longer, if interested, and, on the other, to make your website better positioned by the engines of research. The links to authoritative external sites, on the other hand, help your content and validate the concepts to obtain more credibility and value in the eyes of Google, especially if your content will, in turn, become an authoritative source and, therefore, will be linked by others.
  •       Use Google Search Console- To keep up to date on the indexing status of your website, a good tip is to use Google Search Console. Among other things, it allows you to analyze the most used queries to position yourself more quickly in the Google SERP and increase visits to your site.
  •       Update your content- The content itself should not be underestimated. Once you have created them, you must not forget about them! Updating articles with new content will also help you rank faster on the SERP than a new article created from scratch and increase visitors. In some cases, however, it is essential to remove articles whose content is no longer helpful either to your blog or to the users who read you.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays a decisive role in the world of marketing. If you optimize your posts and blogs, you have a better chance of making your site more visible on search engines and, therefore, to people who are looking for products or services like yours.

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