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6 Common Garage Door Repairs For Homes

Garage doors are not just about safety and security. They provide privacy, convenient exit and entrance from your home, and even protection for your cars- assuming your garage door is functioning well.

If your garage door encounters one of the six following issues; then, you may require a garage door repair in Crowley, like Family Christian Doors, if you cannot troubleshoot the issue yourself.

As you garage door repair professionals serving Crowley and surrounding cities in Texas, we suggest these solutions for these six common garage door issues.

1. Your Garage Door Opener Will Not Function

It can be upsetting if the garage door opener does not respond to your commands. It is a typical issue with a few easy repairs.

  • First, examine to ensure you plug in the device.
  • Next, ensure the circuit breaker has not been tripped, which may hinder the flow of the electricity to the garage door opener.

Your garage door may need chain lubricant to diminish friction and help the garage door opener lift the door. You can also apply silicone-based lubrication to the garage door opener. After doing so, ensure to remove any excess.

2. The garage door creates noises when opening and closing.

If your garage door is producing noises, this commonly indicates that the door requires more lubrication. Find the noisy part of the garage door and lubricate the area. If it does not work, try screwing the garage door and its nuts and bolts tightly. You may also hear screeching noise if you have metal tracks and metal rollers. Changing the metal rollers with nylon ones should lessen the noise. If no solution aids the problem, garage door installation can help you locate the cause. If your garage door opener is creating the grinding sound, you may be having an entirely different issue. The possible culprits are the following:

  • Some parts of the opener are failing: Are the components wearing down? Then, the chain may slip out of place. Remotes that use couplers may need replacements.
  • Some parts need lubrication: When the garage door opener does not have proper lubrication, it can cause failure on the moving parts, and they will not function, as well. Changing weather can also contribute to the wear of the garage door opener parts.
  • The garage door tracks are misaligned: Wheels and hinges take on undue strain when the garage door tracks are not aligned, creating a grinding noise in the remote.

If your garage door produces a banging sound when lifting, do not panic! Dangerous and annoying-sounding noises, like squeaking, grinding, or friction, are simple to mend.

3. The garage door opens, then it immediately goes.

If your garage door opens, immediately closes, or otherwise closes without pressing the buttons, you may need replacements. We recommend replacing both garage door springs to repair the door. Consulting a trusted garage door installer determines which garage door springs need replacements. When you only change a single spring, you will likely have to replace the other side eventually.

4. The garage door opens without commands.

What if the garage door opens without your commands? It may indicate that the photo-eye sensors at the bottom of the door are poorly aligned. The photo-eye sensors may also be dirty or damaged.

Look for a flashing green light. This light means that the safety feature is functioning. Measure each sensor from the floor to the eye, from the wall to the eye. Make sure the exact measurement to get this vital safety feature functioning well again.

Sometimes remotes have the same settings and might control the other garage door. If none of these solutions work, you might be having problems with the circuit board.

5. The garage door does not fully close.

If the garage door does not close at all, you may need to use pipe insulation and secure the open area at the bottom. Yet, if the garage door will not release down, there may be something else that may be stopping the closing mechanisms of the garage door.

Test the close-limit switch, which could be in the wrong settings. It stops the motor from functioning. You may set it again to prevent the garage door from closing. Sometimes corroded rollers can also initiate issues with closing. Call a professional garage door technician for their recommendations and advice if your garage door still will not close.

6. You have an unresponsive remote (garage door opener remote)

When the garage door does not respond to the commands and wall controls, remote, or keyless entry device, there may be a problem with the photo-eye sensors. Check the photo-eye sensors for light. If they are not on, reset them from the breaker. You can also try looking for the power supply of the opener. Does it have power? Check the outlet. If it does not work, you can reach out to Family Christian Doors for urgent diagnostics and fixes.

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