AC Repair Sacramento

If your air conditioner malfunctions, you need the most experienced professional technicians to get your system back up and running immediately. Semper Solaris is proud to provide the AC repair Sacramento residents know and trust. We have years of experience servicing all makes and models of air conditioners in Sacramento and the surrounding areas. Semper Solaris will get your system up and running quickly and affordably.

Trusted Sacramento AC Repair Service

When you call us for AC repair in the Sacramento area, you’ll get friendly, expert technicians with a wealth of knowledge and experience. We are equipped to service all types of broken or out-of-date thermostats, as well as malfunctioning air handlers or evaporator coils. There are various signs to watch for that may indicate that you need to have your AC repaired, including:

  • Warm air coming from your HVAC vents
  • Poor temperature control
  • Higher than average cooling bills
  • Ice build-up on various components
  • Unusual odors you can’t explain
  • Increased humidity in the house
  • Compressor kicking on and off
  • Warm air blowing from vents
  • High energy bills
  • Strange noises like banging, rattling, and squealing

And if your AC is older or beyond repair, we also offer high-quality AC installation and replacement.

Reliable AC Repairs

If you observe any of the symptoms as mentioned above of failure in your AC, contact Semper Solaris to visit our expert technicians. We will figure out the problem, determine the best solution, and have your AC running well again. Our team will also help you protect against future problems and minimize your monthly energy costs by checking your entire system for unsealed air ducts or any problem that you might have had at installation, Once your system is repaired.

Our technicians are Sacramento’s favorite reliable HVAC experts. We want you as a customer for your whole life, and we will prove it. For all of your AC repair needs, you can count on Semper Solaris. Call us today and get the service you deserve.

Why Choose Semper Solar Sacramento?

Semper Solaris continuously updates, evolves, and expands our AC repair offerings to bring our community the greatest and latest service. Is your air conditioner blowing hot air? Maybe you think you might have low AC refrigerant? Perhaps you notice high summer air conditioning costs? The professionals at Semper Solaris are on it.

What makes us different from other HVAC companies?

  • Air conditioning, heating, and other HVAC services are our specialties.
  • We’re the best AC repair company in Sacramento that offers affordable air conditioning repairs. At Semper Solaris, we charge by 1/4 hour to ensure our customers pay as little as possible.
  • Our heating and air conditioning service in Sacramento is available 24 hours a day.
  • Sacramento area homeowners can rely on our technicians for ventilation, air conditioning, AC wiring, air duct, vent, and electrical inspections. We can resolve all air conditioner brands available in the market. So, contact us today for the AC repair Sacramento needs.
  • We can also assist with air conditioning control center installation or maintenance. Fix or install a ceiling fan with us is the fastest and most reliable way to help with your AC service. All it takes is a click or a call! With summer just around the corner, you don’t want to get stuck in the miserable heat!
  • Unlike some other companies, Semper Solaris does not charge extra for weekend AC repair appointments.

Power your AC with solar energy

You can lower your electric bill dramatically by switching to an efficient Heating and Air Conditioning system. You will be able to save even more by adding Solar and Battery Storage! An energy-saving unit will decrease the total number of panels needed without increasing your monthly payment.

AC Service Providers

Semper Solaris has been serving the Sacramento area for many years. To provide our customers 100% satisfaction, we offer a property protection guarantee. We’ll take all necessary precautions to keep your home and your entire belongings safe while we are there. We’re the trusted service provider for Sacramento AC repairs, maintenance, and installations, and we look forward to serving you.


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