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Top 3 Benefits of Recycled Pallets

Recycled Pallets are one of the most cost-effective packaging options. They also offer a variety of design options.

Some companies feel that they need to use new pallets. Many facilities are now using and understanding recycled pallets.

Recycled pallets can be made from recycled material and are repaired. They come in a variety of quality grades and perform as well as new pallets. Get in touch with us to find out more about our Malaysian recycled pallet service. We can also help you understand how your business could benefit from it. Recycled pallets offer the following top benefits:

  1. Cost effectiveness
  2. Design options
  3. Availability

1. Cost Effectiveness

Although new pallets are attractive and can perform well, they also come at a high cost. New pallets can be a significant cost for large-volume plants. Recycled pallets offer up to 60% savings over new pallets, while still maintaining the same weight you can!

The cost of new lumber is having a greater impact on pallet makers and their clients in a lumber market that has experienced supply shortages as well as high demand. New Wood Pallet These prices can be nearly twice or more expensive than the historical average and are subject to fluctuation. Recycling pallets can not only save you significant money, but they can also help to reduce price fluctuations and provide better pricing forecasting.

2. Design Options

You can find recycled pallets in the same design options as wooden pallets. Recycled pallets are flexible enough to be customized for almost any purpose and warehouse environment. You can modify almost any part of a pallet to meet your specific requirements, including the spacing and deck board numbers.

Potential recycled pallet buyers worry that they are more likely to fail than new pallets, or that their quality is less consistent. This is false.

MYPALLETMARKET provides accurate quality grades and strict quality controls for every pallet so that you can be sure what you ordered. Each pallet is graded according to its aesthetic characteristics and the type of repairs it has had. Pallet Consultants ensures that every recycled pallet has the same performance as new pallets. This performance is consistent across an entire inventory.

You can get recycled pallets in combination varieties if you still like the idea but prefer new pallets. Combo pallets combine both new and recycled material. They are more precise than fully recycled pallets, but they can reduce costs. To reduce costs, even custom pallets can include recycled elements.

3. Availability

New pallets won’t always be available due to the recent rise in lumber prices. This problem can be solved by using recycled pallets. They are made from existing inventory and do not require raw materials. Most new pallets can be repaired and reused as recycled pallets This means that recycled pallets are more readily available than the new ones on the market at any given moment.. High-volume plants understand the limitations that new pallet inventories may sometimes have.

Furthermore, Recycled Wood Pallets They are available in a short time and can be deployed quickly. Pallet Consultants’ facilities have lead times of less than 24 hours so recycled pallet inventories can be repaired quickly and delivered easily. Because of the shorter manufacturing time, emergency orders can be made more frequently and shipped faster.

There are many benefits that recycled pallets offer to their users, but the most important is their cost savings, availability, and variety of design options. Recycled pallets offer a cost-effective packaging solution that is comparable in weight, availability, and design options. To find out if recycled pallets could improve your inventory, contact our expert group.

MYPALLETMARKET is a national pallet manufacturer offering a wide variety of pallet products including recycled pallets, specialty pallets, custom-sized pallets, new pallets and more. We offer quality pallets and pallet retrieval service to all industries in the country. Get in touch with our experts to discuss your pallet requirements.

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